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Antigua & Barbuda Attractions and Activities

The following are just a few of our editor's top picks of attractions and activities in Antigua.

Nelson's Dockyard
People and guides dressed in costumes from the colonial era lead tourists through what remains of Nelson’s Dockyard, a naval facility built by the British during the early 1700’s. It is located at English Harbour, a popular spot for docking yachts. This historic dockyard consists of soldier barracks, a multimedia facility, souvenir stores, and cannon emplacements. Tourists looking for restaurants and hotels can find them at the nearby yacht harbor.

Frigate Bird Colony
A large frigate bird colony, with over 5,000 birds, is located on Barbuda. It is only accessible by boat. In fact, there are more frigate birds on Barbuda than people. The habitats of these birds are located in mangrove trees. Male birds can be distinguished from the females during the spring time because of their distinctive mating rituals. Tours of the colony can be scheduled at resorts located on Lighthouse Bay.

Creole Cruises
Tourists interested in a day cruise to Antigua’s beautiful Prickley Pear and Bird Islands can book a tour with Creole Cruises. Those who book a day cruise will be treated to a lobster lunch. While on these islands, tourists can unwind, snorkel, and enjoy other activities. Half day cruises can also be arranged for people interested in snorkeling at Cades Reef. Cruise guests will be provided with snorkeling gear.

Dickensen Bay Beach
Even during a slow day, surfers and swimmers flock to Dickenson Bay Beach during the late morning hours. The beach is popular because of its great snorkeling spots and clear, tranquil waters. In addition, the beach is popular since a variety of restaurants, which includes beachfront bars, pizzerias, and bistros are nearby. Popular activities available for tourists include kayaking and glass-hull boat tours. There are also numerous historical sites, reefs, and islands within a few miles off the shore of the beach.

White Bay Beach
Salt ponds line the road leading to White Bay Beach. This beach, stretching over a half a mile, is located on the southeastern shore of Barbuda. Although the waters off the beach’s shore are usually calm, powerful currents occasionally rip through the region.


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