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Antigua and Barbuda Beaches

The majority of the 365 beaches found on Antigua are located on the islandís Caribbean shore. Each beach on the island is public, so tourists will have to find the beaches that match their preferences. Since Antiguan residents may be hesitant to name their favorite beaches, travelers to the island can find the ideal beaches by reviewing the following descriptions.

Northwest Coast

Those seeking the deluxe resort experience should visit Runaway or Dickenson Bay, situated in northwestern Antigua. The beaches nearest to St. Johnís are Deep Bay and Fort James. Gallery Bay is a popular surfing destination during the winter. A collection of four popular crescent shaped beaches can be found at Hawksbill.

South and Southwest Coast

Fewer amenities, such as hotels and restaurants, are available on the beaches in southwestern Antigua. The beaches near Johnsons Point, Darkwood Beach, and Fryes Beach are accessible from the windy road that runs up the shore. The tranquil beaches of the central southern shore, such as Doigs Beach and Rendezvous Bay, are great spots for seclusion. Tourists spending time at English Harbour Town or Nelsonís Dockyard will be near Pigeon Point.

East Coast

Situated on southeastern Antigua is Half Moon Bay, a popular destination for families and the location of a national park. Many families also vacation on the reef-shielded Long Bay, situated on eastern Antigua.

Barbuda's shore is covered with white and pink sand beaches shielded by barrier reefs. The beaches on the southwestern coast extend up to ten miles before stopping. The beaches on the Atlantic shore usually have choppy waters but are still great places to vacation.

Our Favorite Beaches

Curtain Bluff, Antigua The wide, golden beach is fringed with palms and mangrove wetlands on one side, water clear enough to see your feet in on the other. The only way to set up camp under one of the private waterfront palapas, though, is to spend a night at the luxurious Curtain Bluff Hotel.

CocoBay, Antigua Forty-one Caribbean-style cottages (gingerbread fretwork, wooden shutters, private verandas, locally carved furniture) undulate down the lush hills toward the shore on the sunset side of the island. Between guided nature walks and lazy afternoons in hammocks on the porch, you can test the waters in the hotel's Sunfish or revive with a treatment in its Wellness Cottage spa.


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