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Antigua and Barbuda Resorts, Hotels and Villas

The following are some of the most popular and reputable resorts, hotels and villas in Antigua and Barbuda.

Blue Heron By Rex Resorts
Only people 16 years or older can be guests at this resort. It is located on a pristine beach, surrounded by a tropical garden.
Johnson's Point PO Box 1715 Johnson Points
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-8564
Fax: 268-462-8005

Blue Waters Antigua
This hotel is located near St. John’s, a golf course, and the airport. Guest amenities include access to two white sand beaches, a spa and fitness center, sponsored non-motorized water recreation, and seven swimming pools.
St. John's 256 Soldiers Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 44-0-870-360-1245
Fax: 44-0-870-360-1246

Galley Bay Resort & Spa
This hotel, located on a private beach, is a great romantic destination for couples. On the resort, guests can relax in the tranquil lagoon and stay in one of the Gauguin cottages, each with its own plunge pool. Guests can also find great food and bars here.
PO Box 305 Five Islands
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0302
Fax: 268-462-4551

Halcyon Cove By Rex Resorts
This resort is ideal for families and couples. It is located on the picturesque Dickinson Bay Beach, only a few miles away from the airport.
St. John's PO Box 251 Dickenson Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0256
Fax: 268-462-0271

Hawksbill By Rex Resorts
This hotel is surrounded by acres of lavish tropical gardens, and it is located directly on the coast. Guests have their choice of four beaches to relax on which includes the only nude beach on Antigua. The luxurious Hawksbill hotel is a great place for families and couples to spend their vacation.
PO Box 108 St. John's
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0301
Fax: 268-462-1515

Jolly Beach Resort & Spa
This resort is ideal for families and couples seeking a vacation. It is located on a pristine white sand beach. The hotel grounds are covered by lush gardens, and it also contains a health spa and two pools.
St. John's PO Box W2009 Jolly Beach
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0061
Fax: 268-562-2302

Long Bay Hotel
This beachfront hotel is not far from St. John's. It is located in an ideal region for scuba diving and other water recreation. Guests can also enjoy a game room, library, and tennis court.
St. John's P.O. Box 442 Long Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-463-2005 & 800-291-2005
Fax: 268-463-2439

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa
This Sandals Resort is considered by many to be one of the best romantic destinations in the world. The resort provides guests with transportation to and from the airport, limitless food and drinks, six pools, sponsored water activities, and nine world class restaurants. Included in the sponsored water activities are scuba diving excursions.
PO Box 147 St. John' Dickenson Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0267
Fax: 268-462-4135

St. James's Club & Villas
This vacation club covers 100 acres on a peninsula with great ocean views. Guest amenities include a dive center, four restaurants, a nightclub, tennis courts, a fitness center, four pools, and sponsored non-motorized water recreation.
Mamora Bay PO Box 63 Mamora Bay, Antigua
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-460-5000
Fax: 268-460-3015

The Suites at Jolly Beach
Guests can stay in either one or two bedroom suites at Jolly Beach. Each room comes with a kitchen, balcony, and modern air conditioning. The grounds are covered in beautifully manicured tropical gardens.
Jolly Harbour PO Box 94 St. Mary's
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-562-5185
Fax: 268-562-5184

Verandah Resort & Spa
The deluxe, family friendly Verandah Resort and spa is located on the northeastern shore of Antigua. This ideal setting combines an exotic location with modern luxury in the midst of private beaches and crystal clear water.
PO Box 54 Long Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-562-6848
Fax: 268-562-7024

Admirals' Inn
This famous hotel is set upon a hill overlooking a marina with luxury yachts. This hotel offers guests complimentary transportation to beaches within the area. The Admirals’ Inn is located in a national park.
St. Johns Box 713 Nelson's Dockyard
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-460-1027/1153
Fax: 268-460-1534

Antigua Village Condominium Beach Resort
The Antigua Village Condominium Beach Resort is situated on Dickenson Bay, near the airport, St. John’s, and a Sandals Resort. A currency exchange service and a pool are located on the property’s premises.
St Johns PO Box 649 Dickenson Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-2930
Fax: 268-462-0375

Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort
This waterfront resort is situated in Antigua’s Falmouth Harbour. Guests have their choice between 30 studio and 19 regular rooms.
c/o Antigua Yacht Club Marina Falmouth Harbour
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-562-3030
Fax: 268-562-3031

Carlisle Bay
This world class hotel is set between a beautiful beach and historic mangroves. Two restaurants, three bars, a pool, a fitness center, sponsored water recreation, wireless internet, a children’s center, and a concierge service is available for resort guests.
Old Road St. Mary's PO Box W1140 South Coast Of Antigua
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-484-0000
Fax: 268-484-0001

P.O. Box 431 St. Johns
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-562-2400
Fax: 268-562-2424

Cocos Hotel
PO Box 2024 St. John
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-460-2626/462-9700
Fax: 268-462-9707

Copper And Lumber Store Hotel
PO Box 184 St. John
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-460-1160/460-1058
Fax: 268-460-1529

Curtain Bluff Resort
The Curtain Bluff Resort is located ideally on a beach. It is only a few miles from the airport and downtown. It is located in a region with great deep sea fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and other water recreation. Guests can also charter a tour of the Cades Reef.
Morris Bay P.O. Box 288 Curtain Bluff Peninsula
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-8400
Fax: 268-462-8409

Galleon Beach
This cottage community is set on a hill in the center of the national park. Each unit comes with a kitchen and tennis courts, a restaurant, and facilities for water recreation are located on the premises.
St. John's P.O. Box 1003 English Harbour
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-460-1024
Fax: 268-460-1450

Grand Pineapple Beach
This property is situated on a picturesque beach on Long Bay. The lavish gardens and beautiful beach add to the natural beauty of the region.
PO Box 2000 Long Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-463-2006
Fax: 268-463-2452

Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort
This resort is a great destination for a Caribbean adventure. It is situated on a half mile of beach, surrounded by tropical gardens. Guests will find a gym, multiple souvenir shops, tennis courts, and multiple restaurants and bars.
St. John's PO Box 976 Deep Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-3733
Fax: 268-462-3732/268-562-3214

Hermitage Bay
Heritage Bay contains eight cottage suites with individual plunge pools in each unit. Guests will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the sea and garden showers from their suites. A spa, bar and restaurant, pool, and boutique are located on the premises.
St. John's 60 St. John's PO Box 60
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-562-5500
Fax: 268-562-5505

Hodges Bay Club
This club is set on Antigua’s northern coast in picturesque surroundings. It is only minutes away from the airport. Guests will be treated to modern luxury and first class service during their stay at the Hodges Bay Club.
St. John's PO Box W 1273 Hodges Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-2300
Fax: 268-462-1333

Jumby Bay Resort
This deluxe resort is set on a sheltered private island, just a couple miles off the Antiguan shore. Guests can enjoy tennis, sponsored water recreation, and numerous other activities during their stay.
St. John's PO Box 243 North Of Antigua
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-6000
Fax: 268-462-6020

Siboney Beach Club
The Siboney Beach Club is a quaint suite hotel located on a section of secluded white sand beach on Dickenson Bay. Hotel amenities include a tennis court, beachfront restaurant, boutique, and a casino.
St. John's PO Box 222 Dickenson Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0806
Fax: 268-462-3356

The Catamaran Hotel
The Catamaran Hotel is situated on the beach near Nelson's Dockyard. Guest amenities include complimentary sailing lessons and sponsored sailing trips, a pool, wireless internet, and valet parking.
St. John's PO Box 958 Falmouth Harbour
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-460-1036
Fax: 268-460-1339

The Inn At English Harbour
This hotel sits in the hills stretching across the Dockyard National Park’s northern shore. Guests will have access to a white sand beach during their stay here.
PO Box 187 St. John's
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-460-1014
Fax: 268-460-1603

The Ocean Inn
PO Box 838 English Harbour
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-463-7950
Fax: 268-460-1263

Trade Winds Hotel
The Trade Winds Hotel is a glamorous 4 Star recognized property set above Dickenson Bay. Every suite is large and comes with a terrace where guests can enjoy exquisite ocean views. One of Antigua’s premier restaurants, The Bay House Restaurant, is located on the premises.
St. John's PO Box 1390 Dickenson Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-1223
Fax: 268-462-5007

Antigua Beachcomber Hotel
St. John's PO Box 1512 Wintrop Bay
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-3100
Fax: 268-462-4012

Coconut Beach Club
There are 38 beachfront units equipped with private terraces, hammocks, and air conditioning at the Coconut Beach Club. Guests will be within walking distance to the beach.
St. John's P.O. Box 1427 Yepton Estate
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-3239/2520
Fax: 268-462-3240

Coconut Coast Villas
Guests have their choice between a single or double bedroom suite each with kitchens and modern air conditioning at this upscale property on St. John. Guests can enjoy native art and a beachside pool during their stay at the Coconut Coast Villas.
618 Cruz Bay VI 00831
U.S.V.I., St John
Tel: 800-858-7989
Fax: 340-779-4157

Hbk Villas At Jolly Harbour Beach Resort
P.O. Box 1793 St. John
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-6166
Fax: 268-462-6167

Jolly Harbour Villas
Two bedroom rental villas are available at the Jolly Harbour Villas. Guests can find a golf course, beauty salon, shopping center, five restaurants, a pool, and a large marina on the property’s premises.
St. Mary's Parish P.O. Box 1793 Jolly St. Mary
Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-7771
Fax: 268-462-7772


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