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Aruba is situated at the bottom of the southern Caribbean just a few miles off the Venezuelan coast. Aruba is naturally beautiful and ideal for outdoor recreation, making it a tourist hot spot. Moreover, Arubaís climate makes it an ideal island to travel to since mild ocean currents and near non-exist waves create beautiful white sand beaches on sections of the island. With numerous beaches to enjoy, and clear water to scuba dive in, Aruba is a Caribbean paradise.

For example, Hadikurari Beach is an ideal place to snorkel and explore the mysteries of the ocean. People desiring to stay in a luxury hotel and enjoy the islandís casinos can do so at Palm Beach. For an ideal spot to have a romantic picnic, tourists can visit Eagle Beach. Baby Beach is great for families since the water is safe and coral is visible from the beach.

However, visitors to the island should be advised that bad seas and large currents are prevalent on the northeastern section of Aruba, and although this is not an ideal section to participate in water activities, tourists can still enjoy rock formations and other geographic beauty in the region.

Away from the beaches of Aruba is flat and dry land covered with divi-divi trees. Visitors to the island can spend time exploring concealed caves and the other natural wonders of Aruba. Since it is about 70 square miles, plenty of space is available for tourists wishing to hike and enjoy numerous activities throughout the island.

Aruba does not have a rainy and humid climate like other islands in the Caribbean, and the trade winds create the conditions for annual average temperatures in the 80ís. Aruba is situated in a region experiencing few violent storms and hurricanes.

Since little poverty exists on Aruba, few crimes are committed on the island. Although many people working in tourism related businesses speak English, Dutch is the official language of Aruba. Some inhabitants of the island speak a language consisting of a mixture of dialects known as Papiamento.

Those who enjoy nightlife will have many options in Aruba. Aruba is full of nightclubs, casinos open 24 hours a day, entertainment shows, and restaurants providing high class dining with a variety of different cuisines.

History buffs will love a visit to historical Aruba. Founded as a Dutch colony in the early Seventeenth Century, Aruba is full of historic buildings tourists can visit. The oldest building in Aruba, the Fort Zortman Museum, can be toured on the islandís capital of Oranjestad. Architecture lovers can walk the streets of Wilhelminastraat to examine the historic Dutch architecture. Hiking enthusiasts can hike the Hooiberg to look over the ocean and catch a glance of Venezuela, or they can explore the caverns at Arikok National Park.

With so much to do and so many beautiful sites to visit, it is not wonder people flock to the Caribbean to visit Aruba.


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