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Bahamas Attractions and Activities

Outdoor Aquarium at the Atlantis Resort (Paradise Island)
Not only is the Atlantis Resort full of beaches and waterslides, it is also home to more than 30 acres of pools and lagoons where 200 different types of animals live. Resort guests can observe sharks swimming as they walk through clear underwater tunnels. Exhibits with green eels, jellyfish, lobsters, and various fishes are also displayed for guests to see. There are also exhibits where people can touch sea urchins, conch, and starfish.

Lucayan National Park Kayak and Cave Tour (Grand Bahama Island)
Tourists participating in this tour will have the opportunity to swim, cave, and kayak on one of the most picturesque beaches on Grand Bahama Island. Those participating in this tour can kayak across a stream with mangrove trees lining the bank and then enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch on beautiful Gold Beach.

Snorkeling and Diving (Andros Island)
Over 100 miles of beautiful coral reef full of tropical fish lies off the coast of Andros Island. Large elkhorn coral reefs located in a mere 15 feet of sea can be found at Central Park. In locations where the water is deeper, usually around 100 feet, scuba divers can swim near the beautiful blue holes. Tourists interested in sponsored snorkeling or diving excursions can make arrangements at Small Hope Bay Lodge.

Dolphin Encounters (Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau)
Blue Lagoon Island, the location of the popular Dolphin Encounters, is only a few miles from Nassau. Tourists can observe or swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Encounters. UNEXSO sponsors similar activities on Grand Bahama Island. This organization also arranges trips for individuals 16 years of age or older to travel further in the water to interact with dolphins in their natural habitat.


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