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The Bahamas is a large group of islands with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas is located near Florida. More than 300,000 people live on these islands, with Nassau being the capital city.

Spain was the first colonial power to create settlements on the Bahamas. Eventually, England gained control of the islands, but unfortunately they relied on slave labor to harvest sugarcane, one of the islandís staple crops.

The Bahamas is an ideal spot for a tropical vacation. It is full of world class beach resorts, and there are many great spots to enjoy water sports. Plus, there are attractions and activities for families, children, adults, and college students on their spring break. It is also ideal for anyone seeking to escape winter since temperatures are warm year round.

Andros Bahamas
Andros is one of the best locations to fish and scuba dive in the world. The waters off the coast are full of bonefish and marlin. For those who would rather swim with the fish, one of the biggest barrier reefs is located off the coast of Andros. Although Andros is the biggest Bahamian island in terms of landmass, it is not very populated, so visitors will find plenty of space to enjoy the island.

Within the vast landmass of Andros are exotic flowers, green landscapes, and various wildlife species. In addition to great scuba diving spots, pristine beaches dot the island.

Surrounding Andros are numerous islets and cays. Off the shores, there are many shallow regions which make them safe swimming areas. Away from the beaches, acres of outlying tropical forests can be explored.

Besides a thriving tourism industry, Andros is an important Bahamian transportation and trading hub. The U.S. Navy tests radar and other naval technologies at the Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Center, also located on the island. A number of stores with locally designed and crafted goods can be found on Andros.

Acklins and Crooked Bahamas
Crooked Island, appearing as though it had been bent, is another Bahaman island.

Crooked Island is famous for idyllic Caribbean small towns and a breathtaking environment. Like Andros, it is also a great spot to catch bonefish. Crooked Island is also an ideal place to enjoy the gentle Caribbean breeze on a sailboat ride.

Separated by only a small channel from Crooked Island, Acklins is a mountainous island with a slim landmass and multiple bays lining its shores on the Caribbean side. Those wanting to travel between Crooked and Acklins can charter a ferry.

The bay on the Caribbean side of both islands is called the Acklins Bight because of its shallow water. As a result, few dangers exist for people wanting to ride or sail on smaller boats.

Bimini Islands
Not far from Florida is a collection of islands called the Biminis, considered the fishing capital of the Bahamas. In fact, numerous sport fishing tournaments are sponsored here annually. Fishers can catch marlins, tuna, wahoo, and sailfish off the coast of these islands. Those that love ancient lore can explore undersea ruins that some consider to be remnants of the mythological city Atlantis on a scuba diving trip.

Travelers that want to enjoy casino games and extravagant living without visiting Las Vegas can stay at the Bimini Bay Resort. Guests can select from a variety of lodging options, and there are numerous accommodations available to guests, including fine restaurants, boats available for rental, and spa services. Although it is expensive, people wanting to live on the island or have a place to stay during each visit can purchase beachfront real estate.

Berry Islands Bahamas
Situated near Andros are the Berry Islands. This island chain is full of great diving spots and natural Caribbean beauty. Visitors seeking water recreation should visit Chub or Great Harbor Cay.

Just like the Bimini Islands, great fishing and diving spots can be, and continually are being found, on the Berry Islands.

Inexperienced divers seeking shallower waters can find them on Chub Cay. This is because of its location in the Bahama Bank. Even though the water is not as deep here as other dive areas, it is still full of tropical fish, an underwater canyon, and Staghorn coral.

The Chub Cay Wall is another popular attraction located in the water depths of Chub Cay. After descending a few feet, this several thousand foot wall becomes visible. After seeing the wall, divers can explore the coral reef and passageways of the underwater canyon. Divers interested in observing eels, fish and other sea life can explore the Eel Garden, visible after a short descent. In fact, the Bahama Out Islands, a portion of the Berry Islands, has been recognized by prominent diving publications for its outstanding diving.

Cat Island Bahamas
The historic Cat Island is another Bahamian gem. In fact, some people believe this island to be the first stop Columbus made upon arriving to the Americas. Modern travelers will find beautiful secluded beaches and picturesque landscapes on Cat Island.

If people were interested in traveling the islandís length, from the northern tip to the southern tip, they would have to travel by car; however, those wanting to travel the islandís width, from the farthest western point to the farthest eastern point, could hike there in a few hours. This is a geographic feature of many Caribbean islands.

Among the unique features of the island is Mount Alvernia, the highest elevation on the Bahamas. After reaching the top, tourists can visit an ancient monastery. Construction of the monastery was instigated by a Catholic clergyman named Jerome Hawkes.

Eleuthera is another appealing Bahamian hotspot. It is known for its picturesque landscapes and beaches scattered with pink sand.

Besides the pink sand beaches, Eleuthera is covered with tropical flowers, pineapple farms, and exotic animals.

This island is a favorite destination for European royalty and movie stars. However, the island is not private or so exclusive that families seeking a great vacation cannot visit.

The island has a very easy going culture, so people of all lifestyles are welcome to visit Eleuthera to enjoy all the island offers.

Harbour Island
Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located on Harbour Island. These beaches are also not as popular as other Bahamian beaches, so visitors wanting to avoid large crowds should visit Harbour Island.

It is not a large island, but there is plenty to see. As mentioned, Harbour Island is full of picturesque sand beaches, and lucky vacationers may catch a glimpse of wild horses running down the beach. This is a great place to forget about the stresses of daily life.

The Exuma Islands
Consisting of more than 300 islands, the Exuma Islands are an ideal spot for anyone that enjoys scuba diving, picnics, or nature watches on multiple islands. Surrounding the Exuma Islands is some of the clearest water in the region. Additionally, this region is one of the better spots for sailing in the Bahamas.

To protect wildlife, the Bahamian authorities established the Exuma National Land and Sea Park. At this park, visitors can observe the exotic aquatic species in their natural habitats, such as the Bahamian Iguana. There are also beautiful coral reefs and numerous caves throughout the park.

Inagua Island is located at the bottom of the Bahamian chain of islands. It has a desert like climate, unlike other islands in the Bahamas. Because there is little rain, salt deposits are located throughout the island, making salt production its central economic activity. One of the largest salt production companies in the world is located on Inagua.

Many people visit Inagua Island to observe its large population of flamingos since a preserve to protect them has been established on the island. Many can be observed feeding in Lake Rosa. Other birds and animals are native to the island as well. For diving enthusiasts, the Great Inagua Wall is a great underwater landmark to explore.

Located in the middle of Inagua are flat grasslands where wild boar, cows, and other animals make their homes. Those wanting to experience nature in its purest state should visit this island.

Mayaguana is located in the easterly outlaying portion of the Bahamas. Until the early 1800ís, the island was uninhabited. Fewer tourists visit Mayaguana than other Bahamian islands. However, this is an appealing feature for people desiring to avoid large crowds, and those wanting to enjoy the islandís natural environment since Bahamian style resorts have yet to be developed.

San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador is a small Bahamian island sitting by itself east of the chain. The island is full of great beaches, and it is known as a great location for water sports.

Although disputed, many believe that San Salvador was the first land spotted by Columbus in the Western Hemisphere.

Few people currently live on the island. As a result, it is another ideal location for tourists seeking seclusion. The island is popular among divers and snorkelers. It is especially a good place for snorkelers since many shallow coastal areas dot the coast. Divers will also find great spots since it is situated on the continental shelf.

San Salvador is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is Cockburn Town. The islandís landmass consists of sandy cliffs, while salty lakes fill the lower regions. Coral reefs line the shores of the island, and a harbor for entry to the island is located in Cockburn Town.

Diving in San Salvador
The water in the region is very clear, at some points providing divers more than 100 feet of visibility. The following are some popular diving spots: Movie Caves, Vickyís Reef, Devilís Claw, and Stewpot. There are numerous wrecked ship remains in the region, including the Brig Enterprise, the Hinchinbrook and the Schooner.


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