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Barbados Beaches

The following are some of the most popular beaches in Barbados.

Accra / Rockley Beach

This beach covers a long and wide section of land on Barbados’ popular southern shore. Many vacationers and local residents spend time on this beach. There and numerous businesses and public changing rooms located here. Many people like this beach because the waves are usually small and there is little undertow.


Bath is one of the rare beaches situated on the Atlantic coast that is considered safe for swimming. A lifeguard is on duty and there is parking, changing rooms, and places to eat on Bath. Small to moderate waves and minor undertow exist near the coast. Beachgoers will find the best swimming spots near the beachside bar.


Bathsheba is well known as a great spot for surfing. One particular location is called the “Soup Bowl.” This small, beautiful fishing village comes alive during the surfing contests held on the beach throughout the year. The trade winds and large waves create the perfect conditions for surfing. For people who do not surf, there are beautiful pools that can be explored in the reefs. Numerous restaurants and hotels are located near Bathsheba Beach.

Bottom Bay

Situated near the historic Sam Lord's Castle is the cliff-sheltered Bottom Bay. This secluded beach is covered with coconut palms. The waters near the beach are crystal clear and contain moderate waves.

Brighton Beach

This beach is frequented by many local residents. Brighton Beach spans across a lengthy stretch of land with sporadic reef or rock breaks. There are few rough waves and small undertow during the majority of the year, but swimmers should be cautious of sea urchins lurking around the reefs.


Cattlewash is Barbados’ lengthiest beach, and because of its natural beauty, many tourists visit it each year. Since sections of the beach are frequently deserted, and there is often big waves and strong undertow, swimmers should take proper precautions. Cattlewash Beach has a lifeguard station, so people with questions about the water conditions should not hesitate to ask. This beach is named Cattlewash because it was historically a spot where large herds of cattle from the surrounding villages would bath off the shore. Cattle still graze in the hills above the beach.

Crane Beach

At one time this beach was a harbor and many people categorize it as one of Barbados’ premier beaches. The beach received its name because at one time a large crane was located on a hill that was utilized for removing and loading ship cargo. Located on a hill above the beach is the historic Crane Beach Hotel, a hotel that was built in 1867. This hotel is a popular destination for romantic getaways and honeymoons. The large waves are ideal for body surfing and swimmers can safely enjoy the calmer waters in the cove.

Church Point / Colony Club Public Access

This clean and secluded beach is ideal for snorkeling since there is relatively no undertow near the shore. Located on the beach is the gorgeous Heron Bay House, which could be considered as glamorous as the beach itself. Chandeliers sitting atop the trees and a coral stone home set on the beach make this area one of the most picturesque spots in the region.

Long Beach is the final beach located on the island loop. It extends over a mile, and it is a great location for people seeking seclusion. Beachgoers can buy food and find bathrooms at the Long Beach Club.

Dover Beach

Dover Beach is located on the southern portion of the St. Lawrence Gap. Many people vacationing in Southern Barbados visit this beach. Moderate waves and a variety of services add to the location’s popularity.


Local residents spend a lot of time on this pristine beach. The waters on this fairly secluded beach are transparent with small to moderate waves.

Folkstone beach

This beach, located in the St. James Parish, is a short distance from Holetown and is where the Folkestone Marine Park is located. There is a great beach, numerous opportunities for water recreation, and stores and showering facilities located in the park. An aquarium filled with salt water, displays detailing Barbados’ fishing industry, and a museum make up the Folkestone Marine Park. Between Colony Club and Sandy Lane is a section of the underwater portion of the park. Tourists can rent equipment to snorkel or charter a boat for a scuba diving extrusion during their time on the beach. Glass bottom boat trips can also be arranged on the beach.

Mullins Bay

This is another famous tourist spot on Barbados. A serene beach is located on this beautiful bay. There are numerous amenities, such as restaurants and spots for parking, available on the beach. This is also a popular region for snorkelers.

North Point Cove

North Point Cove is a picturesque bay not safe for swimming. Big waves, choppy seas, and powerful undertow create unsafe conditions year round.


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