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Barbados is located in the western region of the Atlantic Ocean just outside the Caribbean Sea. Barbados has an independent government autonomous of foreign nations, but citizens of the island consider Queen Elizabeth II the leader of their country. The British influence of Barbados stems from over 300 years it was a considered a British colony. Barbados is an island in the Lesser Antilles, nearby Martinique, Saint Vincent, and Trinidad. Barbados is a fairly large island with a landmass of 166 square miles.

Composed of coral, Barbados is situated in its current location after volcanic eruptions moved it into the ocean during a previous era. The western end of Barbados is home to beautiful white beaches, and extensive coral reefs make Barbados an ideal place to snorkel or dive. The constant movement of trade winds creates very enjoyable, warm weather.

Although it would seem Barbados is an island covered with coral reefs, it also has a landmass full of hills, cliffs, and ridges. The underground water supply makes Barbadosí water some of the cleanest around the glove. Barbados has many distinct land features, making it one of the most unique islands in the world.

Barbados offers tourists everything they could want: natural beauty, great recreation, exotic night life, and a unique history and culture. However, the people of Barbados set it apart from other tropical destinations. They are very friendly and eager to share the beauty and wonder of their island with others.


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