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Caribbean Beaches

There are more than 7,000 islands, cays and volcano-fringed coves in the Caribbean -- and there are even more beaches. Even if you visit the Caribbean often, some of its most secluded and pitureque beaches and waterfront establishments probably still remain secret. But we can help! From the Bahamas to Roatan we've searched out and discover every beach and islet and we've contacted every Caribbean expert we know to put together a comprehensive selection of the top must-see beaches for next island adventure.

Our Favorite Caribbean Beaches

Here are a few of our favorite Caribbean beaches, custom picked for beach lovers who know that the perfect mix of sea, sun and sand is indeed one of the highlights of any Caribbean adventure.

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
More than two-thirds of St. John is part of the Virgin Islands National Park, including nearly the entire north coast of the island's where its best beaches are located. Most have white pristine sand; crystalline water; and unbelievable views of nearby islands. Renting a car or motorscooter makes beach hopping fun and enjoyable, especially if you're looking for a secluded hideaway. (We recommend grabbing a beach and snorkeling map at the national park service office before you take off to the beach.) Francis Bay, one of our favorite beaches, sees relatively little traffic, especially on weekdays, and is big enough that even on the busiest days you'll have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the atmosphere. If you want to visit a really unique location, check out Jumbie Beach, an exquisite little beach whose name, Creole for malevolent spirit, belies its secluded location and peaceful atmoshphere.

Saline Beach, Saint-Barthélemy (St. Barts)
From the Rich and famous and to the ordinary vacation goers like you and I, Caribbean travelers have long been lured to St. Barts, a tiny, V-shaped island that is roughly 8 square miles in size. Saline Beach, on the southern coast of St. Barts, is the island's most beautiful and secluded slice of paradise you'll find anywhere in the region. The horseshoe-shaped expanse of sand is located only a few miles from Gustavia (St. Barts' main city). From the parking lot, you'll have to hike 10 minutes due south over a sand dune to reach the beach,, but it's well worth the effort. And while nudity isn't officially allowed on the beach, it doesn't stop many folks from going au naturel. If you want to avoid any nude sunbathers turn left when you arrive at the beach to join the cover-up beachgoers.

Englishman's Bay, Tobago
The dual-island nation of Trinidada and Tobago is home to one of the most dream inducing, beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean, Englishman's Bay. This U-shaped beach, about a mile long, is located on the leeward side of Tobago and is buffered by headlands. At the southern end of Englishman's Bay, a freshwater stream exits the island's lush rainforest interior and empties into the sea. And just offshore, pristine coral reefs thrive with marine life and a variety of tropical fish. There are no facilities here, apart from a small snack carts run by a locals selling food and drinks. But when it comes to a secluded getaway to lay out your towel in completely untouched nature, few beaches compare with Englishman's Bay.

Half Moon Bay, Antigua
Half Moon Bay, an incredibly beautiful halfcircle of white sand and emerald water, may just be the most exquisite of Antigua's 365 beaches, yet surprising it's one Antigua's least crowded. The only resort located there closed after a devasting hurricane in 1995 and 15 years later still is not open. You'll usually only find a handful of people on the entire half-mile stretch of sand. Half Moon Bay faces the Atlantic, so it does tend to experience gustier winds and bigger surf than other beaches. Not surprisingly, this beach is a favorite spot for windsurfers and kiteboarders. The shore curls around so that the north end of Half Moon Bay is shielded from the open ocean. The north end of the beach provides excellent snorkeling opportunities. This is a small beach bar that serves drinks and rents beach gear, but we recommend that you bring your own provisions. Most importantly, there is one bathroom on the beach.

Pink Beach, Barbuda
Located in the Eastern Caribbean in the middle of the Leeward Islands is a gorgeous pair of Islands -- Antigua and Barbuda. Barbuda, unlike it sister Antigua, is so untouched that many consider it to be a lost paradise. But for moast Barbuda is a beach lovers paradise. Aside from one high-end, all-inclusive resort, and sublime, seclusive beaches, there is little else to be found on the Island. But if you're prime objective is finding the perfect beaches, then Barbuda is the place to go.

You can reach the island by boat or plane from nearby Antigua, which lies approximately 30 miles to the south of Barbuda. When you arrive at Barbuda you'll step onto silky sand and deserted oceanfront that spans 8 miles form Spanish Point to Palmetto Point. The beaches are exquisite, the water is perfect and the snorkeling is fabulous. The champagne colored sand glows rose due to a unique crushed coral and sand mixture. And best of all you can stroll for miles without seeing another person. While you're visiting the island we also recommend taking notice of one of the largest nesting colonies of frigate birds in the world.

La Sagesse Bay, Grenada
One of the best beaches in the Caribbean is Grenada's Grand Anse Bay beach. With its long, majestic beach backed by tall coconut trees and a view of the mountains beyond this beach is truly a sight to see and a can't miss experience. Grand Anse Bay, is also home to the island's most popular resorts, and consequently doesn't quite qualify as an isolated beach destination -- but it still worth visiting. If you're looking for a beautifyl beach plus solitude we recommend heading to the scenic La Sagesse Bay, located ten miles east of Grand Anse, where palm trees encircle a halfmoon of firm, white sand, that exuding a peaceful, secluded charm. Rocky headlands protruding from the sea nearly pinch the bay shut, making the surf consistently calm and serine. The only sign of humanity near La Sagesse's is an attractive hotel and nature center with a restaurant and bar. There are several hiking trails near La Sagesse Bay that lead to even more secluded bays and beaches.

Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia
You'll find Anse Chastanet beach on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia. It is located only 0.1 miles from the Anse Chastanet Resort. Anse Chastanet is close to Soufriere, so exploring the town is a convenient option after a sunny day on Anse Chastanet beach. Try to envision the mysterious peaks of Tahiti, transplanted to the Caribbean surrounding crystal clear, champagne waters -- such is the lure of the spiky Piton Mountains surrounding this unbelievable St. Lucia beach. Anse Chastanet beach is intensely tropical, with the technicolor green jungle-clad mountains that create a lush backdrop that forms a vivid contrast to the dark sand beach and bright white villas scattered accross the cliffs.

Las Galeras, Dominican Republic
The Dominican Repulic, land of baseball fanatics, carnival lovers, and all-inclusive resorts may not seem like a good place to look for secluded beaches but it is. Right outside the small town of Las Galeras on the northeastern side of Samaná Peninsula, a short boat ride (or bumping road trip) gets you to Playa Rincón, an undulating 2 mile beach, with fluffy, golden sand and multi-colored water. A few small restaurants serve drinks and fresh seafood, but we recommend bringing your own lunch so you can explore the beach and find a secluded spot away from humanity. There are also a number of other beautiful beaches near Las Galeras, including Playa Madama, which is located in a narrow slot in the region's dramatic shoreline and Playa Frontón another or one of the Caribbean's classic beauties. Both of these beaches can be reached by land or boat and offer excellent opportunities for snorkeling.

Tintamarre Island, St. Martin
You'll find the mountain-coddled coves of St. Martin to be a beach connoisseurs paradise. And if you're open to traveling a distance for a more secluded beach experience we recommend arranging a day-trip aboard a catamarn to Tintamarre, an island situated 5 miles off St. Martin's north coast. Since Tintamarre is located within the Natural Reserve of St. Martin, you won't find any development on this island. You'll feel like Robison Crusoe on the island's deserted beached with are surrounded by clear blue water and secluded coves.The iron-rich clay found in Tintamarre coves inspires many visitors to strip down for a holistic and rejuvenating mud bath.
Caribbean Beaches by Destination Want learn more about the beaches on a specific island? Simply select a Caribbean destination below to explore everything that island has to offer.


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