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Belize Attractions and Activities

Belize Cave Tubing
Want to experience the unparalleled beauty and mystery of the caves and caverns of Belize? Then we invite you to take an underground tubing trip through the exotic caves of Belize. Belize Cave Tubing is one of the most enjoyable inland shore tours offered in Belize, and in the Caribbean. more...

Hol Chan Marine Reserve
The most popular spot for scuba divers and snorkelers in Belize is the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. This protected region is comprised of mangrove trees, sea grass beds, and beautiful coral reef. Most people are drawn to the reserve’s cut in the reef which is lined with coral reef walls about 30 feet underwater. Another famous spot, the Cat’s Eye (a sinkhole resembling a crescent moon), attracts many divers to the reserve. Within the reserve, there are many different types of corals and sea life, including brain coral, spiny lobster, eels, and black groupers. Schools of fish swim throughout the reserve as well. Those planning to dive in the reserve should be advised that it is usually crowded.

Caves (Cayo District and Western Belize)
A large collection of caves are located in Belize. The Mayan people believed these caves were portals linking spirits with the living known as Xibalba. In nearly every examined cave, archeological evidence exists proving the Mayan people used these caves. Alters, burial mounds, fire pits, artifacts, human bones, and pottery have been discovered in these caves. It is not hard to reach and enter the caves, so tourists visiting Belize should take advantage of the opportunity to explore them.

The Atolls
Some people consider the three atolls off Belize's shore more impressive than its numerous cays and barrier reef. Atolls are small offshore formations where coral reef encircles sea or ocean water lagoons. Glover’s Reef, Lighthouse Reef, and Turneffe Island are the three extraordinary atolls off Belize’s coast. Since Belize’s atolls are relatively free from development, tourists visiting them will get to enjoy these wonders in their natural form.

Río Bravo Conservation Area (Northern Belize)
This large varied section of undeveloped and reforested forest is where more than 200 different types of trees and 400 distinct species of birds are located. Also roaming the Rio Bravo Conservation Area are jaguars and other similar cat species. The La Milpa, a Mayan city where religious ceremonies were held and now the site of archeological excavations, is also located in this region.

Río on Pools (Cayo District and Western Belize)
These waterfalls are similar to the world famous Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica. Even though great spots for swimming and observing the falls can be found at the bottom, those who make the hike to the top will enjoy spectacular views and more private spots for swimming in pools that form between large rocks. Large crowds congregate near the falls on the weekends since big groups of local residents visit them Saturday and Sunday.


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