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Belize is located in Latin America. It is a very diverse nation since many residents speak different languages and embrace different cultures. Ironically, even though it is situated near Spanish speaking nations, English is the nationís official language. Neighboring Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea, the land mass of Belize is composed of more than 8,000 square miles with a population of over 300,000 people. Its unique environment makes Belize a great tourist destination.

Belize is a Latin American rarity since its colonial past is linked with the United Kingdom, not Spain. Belize is part of Latin America but considered a part of the Caribbean since its eastern shore borders the Caribbean Sea.

There is something for everyone on Belize. The country is covered with rainforests, beautiful mountains, limestone caves, ancient Maya ruins, spectacular waterfalls, and some of the best beaches in the world. Since there is so much geographic diversity on Belize, there are all sorts of recreational activities visitors can enjoy.

Belize is an excellent place to snorkel or scuba dive since only one other country has a larger coral reef line. It is near the Ambergris Caye coast, extending 25 miles. Among the great places to snorkel on Belize are the San Pedro Town and the Lighthouse Reef.

Belize is full of diverse botanical and animal species. Since extensive efforts have been made by the Belize government to protect its natural environment, many birds, animals, and plants reproduce and live without threat of extinction. Animal and nature lovers will love a trip to Belize.

However, the residents of Belize make the trip worth it. Diverse groups of people live in Belize, such as people of East Indian, Maya, and Creole descent. The Belizean peoplesí warmth and friendliness make a vacation to Belize a memorable experience.


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