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Bermuda Attractions and Activities

Many people flock to Bermuda to enjoy its pink sand and tranquil water beaches, in particular, the beaches of Warwick Long and Horseshoe Bays. Tourists can find safe shallow swimming spots for children, rental umbrellas, food vendors, lifeguards, and lockers at the frequently congested Horseshoe Bay. There is plenty of room for sunbathers and calm water for swimmers at Elbow Beach. The biggest beach with available services on the islandís northern coast is Shelly Bay Beach. There is also a playground for young children on this beach.

Shipwreck Diving
The clear water and over 350 shipwreck sites make Bermuda a great destination for scuba diving. A few of the more well-known sites include: LíHerminie, a French ship that sank in the 1800ís and the Rita Zovetta, a large Italian ship that sank in the 1920ís. Divers looking for distinctive coral should dive in the South West Breaker or Tarpon Hole.

Royal Naval Dockyard: Bermuda Maritime Museum and Dolphin Quest (Snorkel Park)
This dockyard was constructed by the British during the 1820ís. Today, tourists will find art galleries, restaurants, stores, and homes at the dockyard. The Bermuda Maritime Museum can be found in a section of the dockyard referred to as the Keep. Here, tourists can observe historic artifacts, including harpoons and sounding machines. Most people visiting the museum spend time at Dolphin Quest, a program where young children can interact and swim with tame dolphins. Inexperienced snorkelers can visit the Snorkel Park and follow the marked trail through pristine underwater snorkeling spots. When cruise ships dock in the area, large groups congregate at the dockyard.

Bermuda Underwater Institute
The Bermuda Underwater Institute is a great spot for young children and adults to learn more about the sea and the plants and animals that populate it. Guests can watch a video simulating a 12,000 foot dive and videos of sea animals, such as whales, sharks, tropical fish, and jelly fish. Spanish gold coins from the colonial era are on display to observe.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo
The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo is a great spot to take young children. The aquariumís most popular attraction is a nearly 150,000 gallon tank where beautifully colored fish swim around. There are also displays with such exotic animals as sloths, a wallaby, harbor seals, and a Galapagos tortoise. Young children can learn more about sea life in the Discovery Room.


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