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Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 600 miles from the North Carolina coast, Bermuda is part of the Bermuda Islands. Bermuda is politically linked to the United Kingdom as an overseas territory.

Bermuda was a British colony dating back to the 1600’s when the city of St. George was founded, before the British Isles became known as the United Kingdom. This city is the oldest British settlement in North America.

Bermuda is a group of over 100 islands, but a single island known as the Main Island, is frequently referred to as Bermuda.

Because of its beautiful coral reef, exotic fish, and the numerous ruins of wrecked ships that can be explored by tourists, Bermuda is an enchanting destination. Yachting and kayaking enthusiasts will love the clear, pristine water, and there are also opportunities to hike, play golf, and relax on a beach with pink sand. Tourists can also spend time at the historic colonial city of St. George, recognized internationally as an important historical site. The tropical Bermudan climate is warm during all seasons of the year, but Bermuda’s best quality is its kind and sociable residents. There is a lot to see in Bermuda, from the colonial architecture to the pink sand beaches.


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