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10 of The Best Kept Caribbean Secrets

There is more to the Caribbean than white sand beaches and world class resorts. Many of the Caribbean’s hidden gems are not as well known or publicized. The following are just a few of these unknown destinations.

Dominica’s Boiling Lake
Although it may seem the Caribbean is not a destination for hiking enthusiasts, a great trail is located on Dominica. Located in the mountains, this six mile trails leads to Boiling Lake, a secluded lake with volcanic characteristics. In fact, debris from an eruption during the late 1800’s is still visible within the area.

The ‘Caribbean Pompeis’
The city of Plymouth, Montserrat was destroyed by a volcano in 1995. After the eruption, the more than 10,000 residents of the city found a new home. Tourists can tour the remains of the city in a jeep or other four wheel drive vehicle.

Tourists can also tour the remains of St-Pierre, Martinique. After a nearby volcano erupted in 1902, sadly, every person in the city was killed, more than 30,000 in total. One of the highlights of the tour is the ruins of a theater built during the 1700’s.

Puerto Rican Christmas Carols
Puerto Rico is a great place to spend Christmas since the residents of the island have many unique traditions. In San Juan, church parishioners can be heard singing Puerto Rican Christmas carols daily. At local shops, visitors can buy carvings of saints. Spending Christmas with festive Puerto Ricans makes the trip worth it.

Cycling in Guantánamo
One of the most exciting places to cycle in the world can be found in Cuba, located by Guantánamo Bay. Completed during the 1960’s, the La Farola is a jagged biking trail leading to Baracoa. Once in Baracoa, cyclists will find beautiful surrounding and delicious coconuts.

Haitian ‘Vodou Rock’
Those interested in a unique musical experience should visit the Hotel Oloffson, located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Weekly Vodou inspired rock concerts are held here, where keyboards, rara horns, and other musical instruments are combined for a unique sound. The hotel’s owner claims he purchased it from a Vodou priest.

Flying off Saba’s cliff
People seeking a unique experience in the air should make plans to travel to the Juancho e Yrausquin Airport located on Saba. Just a little more than a quarter of a mile long, the shortest runaway in the world is located on the airport. Since the runway is short, airplanes leaving the airport first descend into a cliff located beneath the runway before taking off. It sounds scary, but no fatal accidents have occurred at the airport.

Hidden Beach in the Dominican Republic
Although beaches on the Dominican Republic are usually crowded, travelers can find some secluded coastal areas. For example, Playa Limon is an ideal spot for those seeking privacy. It can be reached from Highway 104.

Trinidad Birding
Trinidad and Tobago have excellent spots for bird watching. More than 400 birds make their home on Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, a bird sanctuary, the Asa Wright Nature Center is located on Trinidad.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s ‘Black Pearl’
Fans of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies can ride on an actual ship from the films. This tour is located on Union Island, Grenadines.

The ‘James Bond Hotel’
Tourists traveling to Jamaica can visit the home of the late Ian Fleming, the creator of the famous James Bond character. The home is known as the Goldeneye Resort, and today it is a world famous resort. It was here where Fleming wrote many of his novels.


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