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Bonaire Attractions and Activities

1000 Steps
Those who explore this famous snorkeling spot will end their journey at a small beach. Off the beachís shore, snorkelers can explore a collection of iron formations where large quantities of tropical fish swim.

Bonaire Marine Park
The Lac Lagoon, Klein Bonaire, and the islandís entire shoreline make up the Bonaire Marine Park. The park was established to protect Bonaireís historical sites and natural environment. The fees required to enter the park are set aside to protect sensitive environmental regions, but park guests will also have access to Washington-Slagbaai National Park.

Angel City Dive Site
This popular diving spot received its name from the large amounts of angel fish that swim in the region. The depth varies between 30-100 feet. One of the main draws of the Angel City Dive Site is the beautiful coral arch.

National Park Washington-Slagbaai Coastal Trails
This dirt trail runs across the beautiful coastline of the National Park Washington-Slagbaai Park. Since the road can be rough, it is recommended to rent a jeep or durable four-wheel drive vehicle. Popular attractions along the trail are marked. It costs ten dollars to drive across the trail. Information about surf and fire hazards will be provided upon entering the park.


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