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Things To Do

When most people think of a trip to the Caribbean one of the first things they envision is the picturesque beaches and crystalline, azzure waters. From the pristine white sand of St. Croix to the colorful black sands of St. Lucia, to the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas, no matter how much you've seen you'll never feel like you've seen enough. While we must admit the beachfront scenery in the Caribbean is heavenly this is just the beginning of what the Caribbean has to offer.

In addition to beautiful beachfronts the Caribbean islands themselves offer a spectacular wealth of natural beauty. Nature in the Caribbean includes everything from active volcanic peaks to natural springs, tropical rainforests, deep valleys forges, and even desert oasis. Each island offers its own array of unique wildlife, beautiful plants and compelling landscape for travelers who opt to spend a little bit of time inland. Natural, untainted beauty is truly one of the biggest selling points of the Caribbean, particularly for avid eco-tourists.

An of course, lets not forget the Caribbean's incredible mix of architecture, history, and culture that has resulted from these islands unique European, Spanish, Hispanic and African heritage. With sights ranging from Mayan Ruins to ancient Catholic cathedrals, and soldier forts on may of the islands, travelers interested in history are guaranteed to find something fascinating.

Meanwhile, risk-takers, adventurers and adrenalin junkies are can try their hand at any number of exilerating activies. From island casinos to spelunking, from nature excursions to deep sea fishing and diving, the Caribbean is the place to find just about any adventure. And this is just the beginning of the attractions you'll find throughout the islands. Caribbean attractions are enough to take your breath away and keep you enthrawled for a life time.

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