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Cayman Islands Beaches

The following are some of the most popular beaches in Cayman Islands.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

This beach is the most popular beach in the Cayman Islands and one of the finest beaches throughout the entire Caribbean. Seven Mile Beach is covered with stores, bars, deluxe resorts, and companies sponsoring water recreation, such as parasailing, kayaking, and snorkeling. This beach, located in western Grand Cayman, is also a popular area for beach volleyball.

There is plenty to do on Seven Mile Beach, while other beaches on the Cayman Islands are not full of as much activity. There are some good spots for snorkeling and the calm waters make Seven Mile Beach a swimmers’ paradise.

Cayman Kai, Grand Cayman

Cayman Kai, a tranquil and large beach located on the northern shore, contains similar services, businesses, and spots for water sports as Seven Mile Beach, but it is relatively less crowded. This beach is covered with white sand and palm trees. There are plenty of great spots for sunbathing, sailing, beach volleyball, and snorkeling on Cayman Kai. There are also numerous restaurants and tennis courts, and a supermarket and dive shop located on the beach.

Rum Point, Grand Cayman

This beach is located on Grand Cayman’s northern shore where palm trees line the beach, and the Cuban shore is visible off in the distance. Rum Point is also a great beach to enjoy water recreation. A Red Sail Sport store and the world famous Wreck Bar is located on Rum Point. It is about an hour drive from Rum Point to Seven Mile Beach. However, numerous bars, restaurants, and hotels can be found on this beach.

Sandy Point, Little Cayman

Sandy Point is a great spot for tourists wanting to escape the crowds of the trendy Seven Mile Beach and avoid the seclusion of the less modern areas of the region. Sandy Point is situated on east Little Cayman. This beach is near the city of West End, so tourists will have access to modern amenities but secluded enough for those avoiding large crowds. Many vacationers on Cayman Brac spend the day on Sandy Point.

Smith Cove

This beach is a great alternative for people desiring to be near modern amenities but avoid the large crowds of Seven Mile Beach. Pristine spots for snorkeling can be found in the South Sound. Large crowds occasionally gather when cruise ships stop at a port near Smith Cove.

Owen Island, Little Cayman

This small island is just off the shore of South Town. It is the perfect spot for a day picnic, a swim, or a short kayaking trip through Bloody Bay. Owen Island is a great destination for vacationers wanting to spend the day on the island but be back at their hotel later in the evening.


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