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Dominica, A Real Caribbean Treasure

Among the hidden treasures of the Caribbean is the island of Dominica. It has one of the most beautiful natural environments in the region, including more than 300 rivers. Five mountains above 4,000 feet are located on the island. Dense rainforests fill the island, with various trails cutting through them, so tourists can appreciate the beauty of the forests up close and personal.

At the end of one of these trails is Trafalger Falls, a tall, picturesque waterfall. Another popular location within Dominican rainforests is Emerald Pool, a tropical grotto where vacationers are permitted to swim.

Since Dominica is situated underneath several volcanoes, the island is full of geothermal wonders. These wonders can be seen while scuba diving at Champagne Beach. Divers can feel the heat emanating from the sea floor during a diving excursion. Those wanting to observe whales and dolphins can charter a boat while tour guides will find the best spots.

Besides the great hiking and diving, visitors to Dominica can canoe down one of the islandís more than 300 rivers. In fact, since the island is situated beneath several volcanoes, it is not uncommon to canoe down a river naturally heated from the geothermal forces.

After a day of adventures, tourists can return to their austere villas. Unlike other Caribbean destinations with 5 star resorts and hotels, on Dominica, tourists can stay in simple huts, for the true island experience. Local restaurants serve fish caught off the islandís shores and fresh fruit. The islandís beautiful simplicity will enable visitors to relax from the stresses of the modern world in one of the most scenic spots on the globe.

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