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Dominican Republic Attractions and Activities

The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo
The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo is located just off the banks of the Ozama River. The streets in this historic region are still lined with cobble stone from the 1500’s. Guests touring the zone can still see what remains of buildings more than 500 years old. There are many museums located throughout the zone for people interested in learning about Santo Domingo’s history. Many of these old buildings now house restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. This is a great spot for a romantic getaway.

Los Tres Ojos
Los Tres Ojos is a collection of caves containing small lakes. An underground river known as the Brujuelas is the source of these lakes. Each lake has distinct features. One lake is very sulfurous, another is full of cold water, while another is full of shallow and warm water. Another lake in the caves is full of a native ducks.

Saint Barbara’s Church
This historic church was constructed in the early 1500’s. Its architecture was influenced by baroque and gothic styles. Eight chapels and a nave are located within the church. Saint Barbara’s Church is very sacred to the people of the Dominican Republic since the leader of its independence movement from Haiti in the 1800’s, Juan Pablo Durante, was baptized here. In fact, the baptismal font where he was baptized is still present in the church.

Outback Safari
Tourists wanting to tour the countryside in a jeep can do so with Outback Safari. On the trip, safari guests will be driven past large sugarcane plantations and make a stop at a small store selling pineapple wine, cigars, and other products. A stop is also made at the Yasica River, a great spot to swim. Safari guests will also be treated to a picnic while stopped at the river.

Banco de la Plata Sanctuary
This wildlife preserve, also referred to as the Silver Bank, is where humpback whales mate between December through April annually. Other sea animals, including tropical fish and sea turtles also reside here. Those who enjoy observing these beautiful animals should visit the Silver Bank while visiting the Dominican Republic.


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