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Dominican Republic

Located on Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles, the Dominican Republic is a nation situated on the eastern portion of the island, while Haiti is on the other side. Nearly 10 million people reside on the Dominican Republic.

The culture on the Dominican Republic has been influenced by the French, Spanish, and various African cultures. The same beauty that captivated European settlers is still apparent today on the Dominican Republic.

Not only is the Dominican Republic full of natural beauty, it is a great country to enjoy outdoor recreation. Tourists can explore ruins from the countryís past, relax on the beach, or watch some of the worldís best baseball players. Even those who have traveled the world, will discover new adventures on the Dominican Republic.

Tourists will also find exciting nightclubs, great shopping, and casinos on the island. However, tourists may find themselves spending most their time on the islandís wonderful beaches.

There are also opportunities to golf, scuba dive, and windsurf on the Dominican Republic. Those wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of the island can do so at one of more than twenty national parks.

Each of the islandís six regions has unique geographic features. At each geographic wonder, visitors will be inspired and find beauty beyond description.

The diverse environments include mountain ranges, tropical jungles, coral reefs, and beaches in their most natural state. Within these distinct ecosystems are beautiful cities and luxury hotels and restaurants.

The islandís climate is warm and comfortable during all seasons of the year. Tourists should be prepared for the sun since it shines year round.

Since the island houses multiple international airports, and its authorities have simplified the process for foreigners to visit the island, it is not difficult to reach the Dominican Republic. Getting around is not difficult because people working in tourism usually understand English.

Since there is so much to do and see on the island, tourists may want to stay on the island after their vacation is over. However, while on the island, visitors can explore it on scheduled tours.

Tourists can also explore the Dominican Republic on helicopter tours, on horseback, in all terrain vehicles, or on small kayaks. For the kids, there are water parks and other family friendly activities. More people are now spending their honeymoons and business conferences on the Dominican Republic.


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