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Caribbean Fishing

The Caribbean is a fishing enthusiastsí paradise. The waters surrounding Caribbean islands are full of marlins, bonefish, barracudas, tarpons, sharks, bluefish, billfish, and many other species. Not only are the fish abundant, some of the largest documented catches have occurred in the Caribbean. Fishing tournaments are held throughout the year around various Caribbean islands. Tourists can charter boats with experienced crews to fish at various Caribbean destinations. However, each island has its own fishing regulations in its territorial waters. Individual nations may restrict fishing during certain periods while some may restrict how many captured fish can be kept. Since regulations vary by island, tourists are encouraged to contact local governments about fishing regulations before chartering a boat.

Details about fishing around individual islands can be found below:

Fly fishers seeking bonefish can find plenty of great spots around the Bahamas.

Fishers can fish the waters surrounding the Bahamas during any season. It contains many great spots for deep sea and shallow water fishing.

Cayman Islands
Tourists interested in a deep sea fishing excursion should consider visiting the Cayman Islands. The surrounding waters are full of marlin and tuna. Bloody Bay is one of the best spots in the world to find bonefish.

Dominican Republic
The waters surrounding the Dominican Republic are ideal to find marlin and sailfish. January through June are the best months to fish.

Puerto Rico
The waters surrounding Puerto Rico have been the site of many world records. As a result, some people consider Puerto Rico to be the best place to fish in the Caribbean Sea.

Virgin Islands
The waters surrounding the U.S. and British Virgin islands are ideal for deep sea fishing. Because of the large swordfish and marlin, many professional fishers travel to the region to compete in fishing tournaments. Many great fishing spots for marlin and swordfish can be found off the coast of St. Croix.


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