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Grand Bahama Beaches

There are many beaches covering Grand Bahama Island's reef-sheltered coastline. These beaches are usually covered in white sand.

Fortune Beach is a peaceful beach, not far from the Lucaya Marketplace. It was named after the lucrative shipwreck found off the beach. Banana Bay restaurant can be found on Fortune Beach. This restaurant offers great cuisine and caters to large groups celebrating private parties. Tourists will need to rent a car to reach this beach or charter a tour of the beach.

Gold Rock Beach is located in a national park. Gold Rock Beach is located on the eastern part of the island not far from Freeport. This beach is fairly private and the waters near the beach have low tides. Tourists can reach the beach by car or on a tour bus. There are no public bathrooms or changing rooms available on the beach, but picnic tables and barbeque pits can be found here. Near the beach is the world famous Lucayan Caverns, the biggest system of underground caves in the world.

Lucaya Beach is situated near the hotels on Port Lucaya. Many visitors spend time on Lucaya Beach participating in water sports, such as windsurfing and snorkeling. Many people simply enjoy a peaceful walk down the beach. There are not as many large crowds on Lucaya Beach as other beaches in the area. Near the beach is Billy Joe's Snack Shack, where the popular roast conch is sold.

Mather Town Beach is not far from Port Lucaya. Although this is not a good spot for water sports, there are plenty of beachfront bars and restaurants on this beach. The popular Margaritavilla Sand Bar and Club Caribe can be found on Mather Town Beach.

Paradise Cove Beach is situated in the western Grand Bahamas. This beach is usually not very crowded, and tourists can enjoy restaurants, bars, volleyball, and snorkeling on the beach. Tourists can book packages where theyíll receive complimentary transportation to the Paradise Cove Beach. They can also rent apartments during their stay here.

Smith's Point Beach is set in Lucaya near Taino Beach. The beach has gained notoriety for its weekly fish fry held every Wednesday.

Taino Beach is situated in the Lucaya region. It is a great destination for young kids since there is a playground on the beach. Residents of the island hold cookouts on holidays. Popular restaurants, such as Toni Macaroniís Beach Experience, Kennyís Bay Watch, and the Stoned Crab are located on Taino Beach. This is not the best spot for water sports but numerous vendors sell local handcrafted goods here.

William's Town Beach is situated in the heart of William's Town. Tourists can snorkel, jet ski, and enjoy other water sports on the eastern portion of Williamís Town Beach. Near Williamís Town is a popular restaurant called the Travellers Rest. It is not uncommon to see horses roam free on the beach.

Xanadu Beach many people visit this beach each year since it is near the International Bazaar. Tourists can participate in water recreation, buy locally crafted straw products, and enjoy a meal or drink at numerous restaurants located on the beach.


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