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Grenada Attractions and Activities

This small island is just off the northeastern coast of Grenada’s mainland. It can be reached on a boat or a plane. This is a great spot for tourists wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Quaint villages are also located on Carriacou. The island is dryer than other parts of Grenada, so it is not uncommon to come across cactus and scrubland. Those wanting to relax in the sun or snorkel can find pristine beaches on the island’s northern shore. Breathtaking views of the Grenadine Islands just north of the island are visible from Carriacou.

Grand Etang National Park
This national park is located in central Grenada. It is a great place to enjoy a nature hike and observe the diverse ecology of the region. Many people visit the park to see the Grand Etang Lake, a body of water sitting in the crater of a volcano. Park guests can find more information about the park at the visitor’s center.

Fort George
Fort George is located above St. George’s harbor. It was constructed during the early 1700’s by the French, and it has been well preserved throughout the years. Although the harbor is hundreds of years old, the local police occupy a few of the buildings making up the fort today. Tourists visiting the fort will have excellent views of the surrounding areas.

Grenada National Museum
The Grenada National Museum is located in St. George’s where a prison and soldiers’ barracks formally stood. There are a variety of displays located at the museum, including native plants, archaeological artifacts, and an old rum still. Those wanting to learn more about the native Indian cultures of Grenada can do so at this museum. The museum is open Monday through Saturday, and it is inexpensive to enter it.

Grenada’s National Marine Park
Grenada’s National Marine Park stretches between Flamingo Bay and Molinaire Point. It is one of the best spots on the island to swim with schools of fish and explore beautiful coral reef during a diving or snorkeling excursion.

Concord Falls
Tourists visiting the parish of St. John have the opportunity to see the magnificent Concord Falls. They are made up of three distinct waterfalls. It is not hard to reach the first fall by road. This fall is frequented by local residents and a popular spot for swimmers. People wanting to reach the other two falls must complete a hike usually taking under an hour. The trail leading to the falls will take hikers past a nutmeg plantation. The third fall, known as Fontainbleu, drops more than 60 feet into a pool. It is an unforgettable experience visiting these scenic wonders.


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