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Grenada Resorts, Hotels and Villas

The following are some of the most popular and reputable resorts, hotels and villas in Grenada.

Laluna - Spa & Resort
The Laluna strictly limits the number of guests and an places emphasis on the individual. The luxury of Laluna is expressed in the character of this romantic beach front Caribbean hideaway, which gently embraces a wonderful sense of style, enveloping good humor and warm friendships.
address: Morne Rouge, P.O. Box 1500
St George´s Grenada, West Indies
tel: 473-439-0001

Coyaba Beach Resort
This family owned and run resort is located on the picturesque Grand Anse Beach. It is near the airport, St. George’s, spas, conference centers, pools, and shopping centers.
Grand Anse Beach PO Box 336 St. George's POB336
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4129
Fax: 473-444-4808

Flamboyant Hotel & Villas
Each villa is situated on top of a hill, not far from the Grand Anse Beach. At the beach, guests can find a conference center, pool, restaurant, bars, and a diving center. A golf course with 9 holes is also nearby.
St. George's PO Box 214 Grand Anse Beach
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4247
Fax: 473-444-1234

Grenadian By Rex Resorts
This Palladian influenced resort is located on the beach just above Tamarind Bay. The resort owns a three acre lake on the property, and it is surrounded by acres of lavish gardens. Guests also have their choice of 2 white sand beaches to enjoy.
St George's Point Salines
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-3333
Fax: 473-444-1111

Bel Air Plantation Villa Resort
This luxurious resort is a great place to relax and recreate during a trip to Grenada. It is located on top of a hill, providing guests with a great view of a bay.
St. George's PO Box 857 LB 125 Corinth, St. David's
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-6305
Fax: 473-444-6316

Blue Horizons Garden Resort
This resort is situated on Grenada’s southwestern shore. It is set within a lavish tropical garden, where guests can observe more than 21 different specious of native birds. The resort is casual, but luxurious at the same time.
Grand Anse St. George's PO Box 41 Central Hotel Area
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4316/4592
Fax: 473-444-2815

Bogles Round House
Bogles Carriacou
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-443-7841

Coral Cove Cottages & Apartments
These apartments and cottages are situated on a tranquil beach. The property is surrounded by tropical gardens, and guests have access to a tennis court, pool, and diving spots in Grand Anse.
St George's PO Box 487 Lanse Aux Epines
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4422/4217
Fax: 473-444-4718

Fox Inn Hotel
PO Box 205 St. George's
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4123
Fax: 473-439-0524

Gem Holiday Beach Resort
This 22 room luxury resort is a great destination for tourists seeking tranquility and world class service. It caters its services towards families.
St. George's PO Box 58 Morne Rouge Bay
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-3267
Fax: 473-444-1189

Grand View Inn
This hotel is set on a hill above the Morne Rouge and Grand Anse Beach. The Grand View has a laid back, Caribbean influenced environment. Located on the premises are a car rental service, bar by the pool, and restaurant.
St. George's PO Box 614 Oceanview
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4984
Fax: 473-444-1512

Grenada Grand Beach Resort & Conference Center
This resort is situated near the world famous Grand Anse Beach. The resort is equipped with numerous amenities and modern luxury.
Grand Anse St George's P.O. Box 441 Grand Anse Beach
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4371
Fax: 473-444-4800

This elegant hotel, nestled in Grenada’s Emerald Hills, was developed by two famous Italian designers who have previously worked with Giorgio Armani.
PO Box 1500 Morne Rouge
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-439-0001
Fax: 473-439-0600

Lance Aux Epines Cottages
These apartments and cottages are located on a tranquil beach. A laundry and maid service is provided at the property. A game room and wireless internet for a small fee is available for guests.
St George's PO Box 1187 Lance Aux Epines
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4565 / 877-444-4565
Fax: 473-444-2802

This luxurious, beachfront hotel sprawls across 40 acres of lavish tropical gardens. Guests will enjoy modern luxury and world class service during their stay here.
Pink Gin Beach PO Box 852 St. George's
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-2556
Fax: 473-444-2561

Maca Bana
Maca Bana is a deluxe boutique style hotel located on a hill overlooking Magazine Beach. Each room is beautifully designed and contains a kitchen and private hot tub. A pool and concierge service is available for hotel guests.
Above Magazine Beach 496 St. George's St. George's
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-439-5355
Fax: 473-439-6429

Monmot Hotel
This 4 Star rated property sits in L'Anse Aux Epines. Guests will be within walking distance of the beach and Prickly Bay and a short drive from the airport.
PO Box 1381 L'anse Aux Epines
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-439-3408
Fax: 473-444-3407

Mount Cinnamon
This trendy boutique resort is located on Grand Anse Beach, surrounded by tropical gardens. Guests will find plenty of water recreation and other activities during their stay here. Resort amenities include a spa, restaurant and bar, tennis court, and fitness center.
St. George's 3858 Grand Anse
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-439-9900
Fax: 473-439-8800

South Winds Holiday Cottages & Apartments
The South Winds Holiday contains guest apartments and cottages. It is only a couple of miles from St. George’s and within walking distance to the popular Grand Anse Beach. Maid service is provided at the South Winds.
St. George's Box 118 Grand Anse
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4310
Fax: 473-444-4404

Spice Island Beach Resort
There are 64 upscale recently remodeled suites at this resort. 34 of these suites sit on the beach. A fitness center, spa, kid’s center, and pool are located on the premises.
St George's PO Box 6 On Grand Anse Beach
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4258
Fax: 473-444-4807

The Calabash Hotel
The Calabash is a small hotel located on the beach. The hotel prides itself on its relaxing environment and excellent service. A tennis court, fitness center, pool, and bar and restaurant are located on the premises.
L'Anse Aux Epines St George's PO Box 382 Lanse Aux Epines
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4334
Fax: 473-444-5050

True Blue Bay Resort And Villas
This family owned and managed boutique style resort sits on a sheltered section of True Blue Bay. Guests are not far from stores and the Grand Anse Beach. A yacht chartering service, two pools, and the Aquanauts Dive Center are located on the resort’s premises.
Grand Anse St George's PO Box 1414 St George
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-443-8783 / Toll Free US 888-883-2482
Fax: 473-444-5929

Wave Crest Holiday Apartments
These apartments are fully furnished, large, and cozy. Each unit comes with maid service, cable television, a telephone, a balcony, and a kitchen.
St George's PO Box 278 Grand Anse
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4116
Fax: 473-444-4116

Caribbean Breeze Apartments, Cottage and Villa
This property sits in Grand Anse above a golf course with a great view of the Grenada’s Golf Course’s seventh green. Each unit is large and comes with private balconies, telephones, and cable television.
St. George's 1364 Golf Course, Grand Anse
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-439-0897
Fax: 473-439-3910

Roydon's Apartments
These beachside apartments are near the popular Grand Anse Beach. Guests have their choice between single or multi-bedroom apartments at Roydons. Each unit comes with a telephone, cable television, and a kitchen.
St. George's PO Box 1404 Grand Anse
Grenada W.I.
Tel: 473-444-4476/473-439-2148
Fax: 473-439-2148


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