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Grenada is an independent nation comprising a main island and six others located in the south Caribbean. Neighboring Grenada is the Grenadines, Trinidad, and the Venezuelan coast.

Most citizens of Grenada live on the main island in either St. George’s, the nation’s capital, or two other cities. Of all the communities on the other islands, the largest population resides in Hillsborough, located on Carriacou.

Grenada was formed from a volcano. Its soil is ideal for agricultural production. Grenada’s landmass consists of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. During periods of heavy rainfall, the weather is very hot, but when it is not raining, the winds blowing through the island create very moderate temperatures. Since Grenada, is located on the bottom periphery of the hurricane zone, during the past fifty years Grenada has been hit by only a few hurricanes.

Because of the mountain ranges, Grenada’s shores are full of inlets and bays. This has created many beaches on the island that are private and enclosed. Visitors to the island can either relax on the white or black sand beaches. The black sand is more comfortable to walk on or lie in since it is softer.

The most famous Grenadian beaches can be found in the southwest, including the renowned white sand beach, Grand Anse. On this beach are numerous hotels and other accommodations for visitors. Grenadian authorities take steps to ensure new buildings do not detract from the natural surrounding by making it illegal to build hotels larger than three stories.

Dives Sites
The seas surrounding Grenada and its other islands are some of the better spots to scuba dive. Divers can spend time exploring the coral or the remains of a large shipwreck, known as the Bianca C. Grenada is an ideal place for divers of varying experiences.

Many people prefer to travel to Grenada since it is relatively not crowded with other tourists. This makes it possible for visitors to spend more time exploring the reefs and other natural underwater wonders, such as seahorses, crabs, and tropical fish.

Tourists should be aware of the following rules relating to diving. While diving, it is illegal to capture fish or other living things from the water, and it is also illegal to destroy coral while anchoring a boat. Also, tourists must obtain a license to use a net, pole spear, spear shooting device, or a sling.

There are many beautiful waterfalls to admire while visiting Grenada. One such magnificent set of falls are the Annandale.

Three beautiful waterfalls are located in the Concord Valley. In certain waterfall areas swimming is permitted. Some can only be reached after a hike, such as Fontainbleu, but after reaching it, a fall dropping water from a tall cliff into a pond with glass clear water can be seen.

The Royal Mt. Carmel Falls is a very popular attraction on the island. Tourists can reach them from a car, but to see the falls, a 1 dollar fee in U.S. dollars is required. It is well worth the fee to see two falls with water falling more than 70 feet above into ponds below.

Situated in the Grand Etang, the Seven Sisters falls is another inspiring attraction on Grenada. Tourists must hike to reach these falls, and it is advisable to consult with a tour guide since these falls are located on private property.

People visiting Grenada can enjoy traditional Caribbean culture and cosmopolitan living. There are a variety of street festivals, cultural celebrations, musical productions held each year on Grenada. Tourists will also find an assortment of fine restaurants and nightclubs. Many hotels sponsor concerts and other live events. Tourists should consult with clerks at their hotels to find out more about these events.

There are a variety of fine products sold in Grenadian shops, all tax free. Local spices, agricultural products, batik clothing, and hand crafted goods can all be purchased on St. George’s. Local jewelry and agricultural products, particularly nutmeg, are popular items sold on Grenada.

Malls and other shopping outlets can be found on Grenada. Spiceland Mall and the LeMarquis Complex are just of couple of the large shopping centers on the island.

As mentioned, the majority of stores on Grenada sell their products tax free, a very appealing feature of the island for people purchasing fine jewelry, liquor, and leather products. Many shops at the airport and at St. George’s Carenage offer tax free merchandise.


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