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Guadeloupe Beaches

The sand on this island’s beaches varies from stunning white to striking black. The coast on Guadeloupe’s leeward side is covered in golden brown sand, and other beaches throughout the island are covered by lush mangroves. Large hills stand in the foreground of the beaches on the western shore where the coast is surrounded by beautiful coral reef. Salako’s beaches are shadowed by the beautiful palm trees that cover the grounds. On both the Caribbean and Atlantic shores of Guadeloupe, tourists will enjoy the fine sands, the clear water, and the natural beauty of these beaches.

On Grand-Terre’s southern Caribbean coasts, the waters are usually calmer and warmer compared to the Atlantic side. The sand on the beaches west of this region usually becomes darker further up the shore. Just east of Basse-Terre, the beaches are more isolated.

Natural and artificial beaches exist on Guadeloupe, with most of these beaches being publically owned. Although there is no charge for entering these beaches, tourists usually are required to pay a parking fee. There are limited facilities open to the public on these beaches, but tourists staying on the resort beaches usually have access to numerous facilities. Tourists visiting beaches without adequate facilities can usually rent equipment from local hotels, which could include chairs and towels, for a fee.

Many beaches where hotels sit are artificial, specifically at Bas du Fort. Numerous beaches with hotels have vendors that sponsor water sports. These sports could include windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and many others. Those who want to swim will find plenty of sheltered areas where swimming is safe. However, tourists should always be careful when swimming off the shore.

Since there are numerous beaches on Guadeloupe, tourists will have no problem finding the right beach for them, whether they want to windsurf, swim, or sunbath. Detailed information about beaches on Guadeloupe can be found below.


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