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Guadeloupe is a group of islands politically linked with France in what is known as an overseas region. Since France is a member of the European Union, Guadeloupe is also considered a member, and because of its membership, the euro is Guadeloupe’s currency.

The five islands forming Guadeloupe include Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, La Desirade, Basse-Terre, and Grande-Terre.

Guadeloupe combines qualities of French culture, such as great cuisine and modern development, with the culture of the native people. Tourists will also find great beaches in such areas as Grande-Terre. They will also find great surfing, restaurants, and other recreation that make Guadeloupe a premier Caribbean destination.

Located on Guadeloupe’s national park is the magnificent La Soufrière volcano. Guadeloupe is also a great place to hike and enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean. For those who desire a variety of experiences on a vacation, each island offers tourists unique opportunities. For example, Marie-Galante is a great place to observe nature since it is not populated while other islands offer tourists the modern luxuries of an exclusive destination.

Even though Guadeloupe is more similar to many developed American or European cities than some regions of the Caribbean, there are still areas on Guadeloupe where tourists can observe the islands in their original state. It is not uncommon to find farmers tend to their crops on a rural farm.


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