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Guyana Attractions and Activities

The Museum of African Heritage
This museum contains displays and information about the history of Africans living in Guyana. Guests can see Western African masks and other works of art, traditional clothes, and musical instruments while visiting the museum. They will also learn more about African traditions and culture.

Kaieteur Falls
Kaieteur Falls is one of the most magnificent sites on Guyana. Water descends from nearly 700 feet from the top of the falls to the bottom. Adding to the allure of the falls is the numerous endangered species residing nearby.

St. George’s Cathedral
This Anglican church is one of the tallest wooden buildings still standing in the world. It is located in Georgetown and has been named a national monument. St. George’s Cathedral has been a tourist attraction since the early 1900’s. It contains magnificent Gothic arches, flying buttresses, and columns. Inside the cathedral beautiful stained glass windows and a large chandelier donated by Queen Victoria can be seen.

Dadanawa Ranch
Dadanawa Ranch is popularly known as Melville's Ranch. This is the largest cattle ranch in Guyana, sprawling across 2,000 square miles of land in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region. At the ranch, tourists can observe local cowboys, locally known as vacqeros, manage the large herds of livestock. Since the ranch is fairly isolated, tourists should plan on renting a car or chartering a taxi to reach it. This is a great destination for people who enjoy sprawling, picturesque landscapes and spending time outdoors.


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