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Guyana is a country located in the northeastern section of South America; however, its culture is very similar to Caribbean islands with British influence. During its long history, many European nations competed amongst each other to colonize Guyana. Guyana is considered a part of the Caribbean, and it has been politically free since the late 1960ís.

There are a variety of geographic regions and features on Guyana. Near the ocean, nutrient rich plains are inhabited by more people than other regions. Farther from the ocean, a region full of sand and hills is rich in natural resources. In the central region of the country, rain forests can be found while in the southwestern section it is filled with grass plains. Near where the country borders Brazil, the region is full of mountains.

Guyana is full of the geographic wonders found in both the Caribbean and South America. Since it is located in or near both regions, rainforests expand throughout it while the beaches are reminiscent of those found on a Caribbean island.

The largest city and capital of Guyana is Georgetown. The city is full of buildings to accommodate tourists but also remnants of the past have been preserved. Many colonial buildings are still standing in the city. Among the historic buildings is the St. Georgeís Cathedral, the highest building constructed of wood on the globe.

Large rivers feed into and out of the rainforests of Guyana. Since these forests have not been developed by humans, they are great places for recreation and to see Guyana in its most natural state.

The rainforests are full of exotic animal species. Jaguars, monkeys, and toucans all make their homes in the rainforests of Guyana. In the Rupununi, the biggest fish living in fresh water, the Arapaima, can be found in its rivers. In addition to the toucans, there are hundreds of different types of birds living in the rainforests.

Adding to the beauty of Guyana, majestic waterfalls fill the rainforests. Some of nationís renowned falls include the Kaieteur, Orinduik, and Marshall Falls. Tourists can witness water dropping 400 ft at the Kaieteur Falls, the tallest waterfall on the globe.

Excitement and beauty await anyone traveling to Guyana. From the majestic rainforests of South America, to the friendly Caribbean culture, Guyana is one of the most unique places on Earth.


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