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Jamaica Beaches

The following are just a few of the most popular beach destinations in Jamaica.

Ocho Rios

Mallard and Turtle Beach are two famous Jamaican beaches. Both locations cater to tourists since numerous restaurants, hotels, bars, and spots for water spots are located on these beaches. People visiting Jamaica should arrange some time to visit James Bond Beach, where the infamous Golden Eye Hotel sits. This hotel is the former house of the mastermind behind James Bond: Ian Fleming. The beach near the hotel is private, but for three dollars, anyone can visit the beach. Beach guests can rent equipment for water sports on the James Bond Beach.

Another popular tourist spot is Dunn's River Beach, situated below Dunn's River Waterfalls. Tourists are permitted to climb the Dunn’s River Waterfalls, swim below in the pools, or enjoy the waterfalls from a distance on the beach.


Seven Mile Beach, a popular spot for hippies during the 60’s, is known for its laidback atmosphere. On certain sections of the beach, nude sunbathing is permitted. Today, Seven Mile Beach is known as being a popular destination for tourists. Since this is a popular destination for libertines, numerous resorts are located on sections of the beach where nudity is permitted.

Montego Bay

The beaches of Montego Bay are more family friendly than those on Seven Mile Beach. Cornwall Beach is a trendy spot, where guests can find companies sponsoring water sports. Walter Fletcher Beach is shielded from the surf, so it is a great place to swim, wade, or sunbath. When the shore waters are calm, this beach is a great spot for young kids.

The most popular beach on Montego Bay is Doctor's Cave Beach. It received its name after some doctors gathered here to sunbath in the early 1900’s. The cave was destroyed in the 1930’s after a hurricane swept through the region, but it is still a popular tourist destination. The water is very clear and warm. It costs five dollars to enter the beach. There are numerous changing facilities, restaurants, and other facilities on the beach.

Port Antonio

Boston Bay Beach, a less known but excellent spot for sunbathing, is near Port Antonio. It is a great spot for surfing and fishing. Small vendors on the beach sell traditional Jamaican jerk pork. This beach was formally owned by Roger Moore, a popular author, until he donated the land to the government.

Frenchman's Bay is considered by some to be the world’s premier beaches. For only three dollars, tourists can body surf, swim, sunbath, or just relax in the shade under a tree. Blue Lagoon Beach became famous after Brooke Shields starred in the Blue Lagoon. The beach is surrounded by beautifully blue shaded water, making it a great spot to swim.

In addition to the previously mentioned beaches, there are many other beautiful beaches surrounded by crystal clear water on Jamaica. For specific details about Jamaican beaches, review the following links.


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