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Jamaica is located in the Greater Antilles, less than 100 miles from Club; Jamaica is an independent Caribbean nation. The capital is Kingston with other populated coastal cities situated throughout the island. Popular attractions on Jamaica include the Blue Mountains, the Kingston Harbor, Port Royal, and the Blue Lagoon.

Jamaican weather is very warm and humid, but higher elevation regions are usually pretty moderate. Certain sections along the southern shore receive rain fall that evaporates before reaching land.

Jamaica’s beautiful natural environment combined with its distinctive culture makes it a great vacation destination. Interacting with Jamaicans make the trip worth it, but add Blue Mountain coffee, beautiful reefs to explore underwater, and world class beaches such as Treasure Beach, and tourists will have an unforgettable experience. Jamaica also has great places to hike, beautiful waterfalls, luxury accommodations, and protected wetlands with crocodile habitats.

Jamaicans have strongly maintained their African culture. Ever since slaves were brought to Jamaica from Africa, its culture has been highly influenced by African culture. Slaves escaped to the Blue Mountains where many preserved customs from their native countries. Throughout the years, different movements have been founded in Jamaica celebrating African culture.

Jamaica is full of history, natural beauty, and unique culture. Visitors will love their stay on the island.

Where to Visit

The following are few of the most popular cities, destinations and attractions in Jamaica.
  • Montego Bay
    Montego Bay is a world renowned tourist hot spot. World leaders and celebrities have vacationed on Montego Bay.

  • Ocho Rios
    Hundreds of thousands of people visit Ocho Rios annually. Beautiful beaches, runways for airplanes, and other destination luxuries can be found here.

  • Negril
    Negril is known as a great area for water recreation, scuba diving, and great beaches. The city is known for its care free attitude among the residents.

  • Mandeville
    Located in the mountains, Mandeville is relatively unspoiled by modernity. As a result, visitors can experience Jamaica in its most natural state. It is also only about 60 miles from Kingston, so it is a good day trip.

  • Kingston
    Not only is Kingston Jamaica’s capital, it is the center of business and government for the nation. Kingston is the biggest city among the Caribbean nations where most residents speak English. A vast natural harbor is located in Kingston.

  • Port Antonio
    Located on the northern shore, Port Antonio blends the island’s history with its modernity. Port Antonio was an early tourist destination, and famous novelists have spent time here.

  • St. Elizabeth
    There are many things for tourists to see while visiting St. Elizabeth. They can spend time at a quaint fishing villa or relax at a secluded cove near the shore.


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