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Martinique Attractions and Activities

Diamond Rock
Diamond Rock lies off Martinique’s southwestern shore. It is a popular site for snorkeling and diving since the surrounding water is full of coral and sea life.

Mount Pelee
In 1902, a volcanic eruption from Mount Pelee destroyed the entire city of St. Pierre. Today, the city has been rebuilt but ruins from the old city still remain. Tourists can hike Mount Pelee today to get a good view of the surrounding area and what remains from the eruption. Guided hikes can be arranged. Mount Pelee is still an active volcano.

Boulevard Allegre
Tourists vacationing on Martinique can find plenty of nightlife on the island. In Fort-de-France the trendy Boulevard Allegre is full of bars, restaurants, dance clubs, and nightclubs. While patronizing these businesses, the beautiful Riviere Madame is visible.

Route de la Trace
This hiking trail crosses through a tropical rainforest in the northeastern section of the island. Green mountains, bamboo forest, and a variety of tropical plants and animal life lie within the forest. There is also a historic church and lush botanical gardens situated here.

Gauguin Art Center and Museum
The Gauguin Art Center and Museum, located in Anse-Turin, contains some of the reproduced artwork of the artist Paul Gauguin. During the late 1800’s, Gauguin traveled to Martinique to create art. Museum guests can learn more about him and purchase books on his work at the museum.


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