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Montserrat Attractions and Activities

Rendezvous Bay
A pristine, white sand beach is located at Rendezvous Bay. Since the waters of Rendezvous Bay are calm and safe, it is an ideal spot for snorkeling and swimming. The beach can only be reached by boat or after a fairly difficult hike.

Montserrat Rendezvous Volcano Observatory
Since there are active volcanoes located on Montserrat, it is the responsibility of the people working at the Rendezvous Volcano Observatory to keep track of seismic activity. The main concern of scientists working at the observatory is the Soufriere Hills Volcano. In 1995, the people living in the city of Plymouth were forced to flee prior to a major eruption. Even though very important work is done here, guests are still permitted to tour its premises to learn more about volcanoes and the work performed at the observatory. It is located on Silver Hill.

Emerald Tours
Emerald Tours sponsors a variety of tours through different sections of the island. Tourists can choose from hiking and bus tours. Bus tours cover a larger section of land while hiking tours enable tourists to have a more intimate experience. During hiking tours, people will have the opportunity to observe native animals and plants in their natural habitats within the beautiful Centre Hills region.

Cassava Ghaut Hike
Tourists interested in ecotourism should spend some time in the Centre Hills during their stay in Montserrat. A great way to observe the beauty of the region is to complete the Cassava Ghaut Hike. This hike is led by park rangers with extensive knowledge of the area. These guides will provide information about local plants and animals. Lucky hikers might get a chance to see Orioles native to Montserrat during the hike. Although this nearly three hour hike is difficult, it is an unforgettable experience for those who complete it.


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