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Situated in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean Sea, Montserrat is an island nation politically linked to the United Kingdom. Christopher Columbus named the island in honor of a Spanish city with the same name. Since many Irish immigrants have made Montserrat their home, with striking similarities to Ireland, Montserrat is commonly referred to as the Emerald Isle.

Montserrat is not a particularly large island, only consisting of about 40 square miles of landmass. Large cliffs shadow the sea while pristine beaches are found throughout the western portion of Montserrat. It is an island of exquisite beauty and tranquility.

Vacationers can travel the twists and turns of the roads leading through the mountains to rainforests and secluded beaches. The more accessible beaches are very spacious, and the trade winds create a very comfortable climate, while the evening star lit sky is breathtaking.

There are a variety of lodging options on Montserrat. Visitors can stay at a luxurious hotel on the shore, or stay with a local resident in their guesthouse. The islandís natives are very warm and welcoming, making a trip to Montserrat an unforgettable experience.

Fishing enthusiasts will find some of the best fishing in the world in water surrounding Montserrat. There are numerous set aside areas for scuba divers, and opportunities to witness rare bird species within their natural habitat, such as the islandís native Oriole. There are numerous restaurants on the island offering delicious food, with opportunities to try local dishes.

A unique volcano is located on Montserrat, and tourists can learn more about it at the local observatory. The volcano can be observed from the safety of cities throughout the island.

An international airport is located on Montserrat, making it easy to reach the island.


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