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Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a resort city located on the Caribbean in northeast Mexico. Since it is near Cancun, tourists usually must catch a flight into Cancun and then drive to Playa Del Carmen.

Although Playa Del Carmen is a fairly large city with a population of more than 100,000 people, the region catering to tourists is situated in a single coastal region. After arriving at Playa Del Carmen, tourists are usually dropped off at a bus station located at the city center. From here, tourists have the option of arranging transportation to the coast or chartering a ferry to Cozumel.

Like many cities, Playa Del Carmen has a world famous street frequented by many tourists. On 5th Avenue, located along the sea, vacationers and locals will find hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, water recreation companies, and condominiums.

There are also stores on 5th Avenue selling luxury European apparel, fine liquor, and imported cigars from Cuba. Parades and other celebrations are frequently held on 5th Avenue.

For party goers, there is not a shortage of bars on 5th Avenue. Bars opening around midnight are located on a section of the street without hotels so guests are not disturbed.

Along this famous street, there are pathways with various stores and other services connecting the beach with the street. Playa Del Carmen beaches are publically owned, so everyone is welcome to enjoy them.

The white beaches of Carmen Del Playa are world class with restaurants and bars in most crowded beach areas. Authorities and business owners in Carmen Del Playa make sure litter and sea debris is frequently removed from the beach. Tour guides are available for fishing and snorkeling trips.

Beaches near harbors are usually crowded, so vacationers desiring privacy will have to hike to a less crowded beach. Beaches not located in the vacation areas are surrounded by tropical jungles.

There are many Italian, with a variety of Mexican and American restaurants located on 5th Avenue. On the streets leading to the beaches, small cafes and other restaurants can be found.

Those traveling outside of 5th Avenue will find less expensive goods and more authentic Mexican cuisine. Outside the tourist region, tourists can find a variety of products, ranging from electronics to live animals.

Those who love night life will find a lot to do on 5th Avenue. College students and couples can be seen partying into the early morning hours. Playa Del Carmen offers an easy going atmosphere, so all are welcome.

Tourists can find all sorts of accommodations on Playa del Carmen. Grocery stores, beauty salons, laundry facilities, gyms, and numerous other services are all found here.

To make transportation convenient for visitors, two bus terminals can be found on Playa Del Carmen. One terminal services people traveling to Chetumal or Cancun while the second terminal on Avenida 20 services the local area.

For tourists desiring to be near stores and other services, be near a bus terminal, and be close to the beach, it is recommended to stay around the Grand Porto Real.


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