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Port Antonio Jamaica

Port Antonio Jamaica has been called the most beautiful port in the world. Its natural beauty, green landscape, and uniqueness will leave an impression on any vacationer. Because there is so much to do in Port Antonio, it is a great place for families, or if mom and dad want to get away, a great romantic getaway.

Founded as a Spanish colony in the Portland Parish, Port Antonio serves as its capital. Portland eventually became a colony of Great Britain. Early British colonizers intended the port to be an ideal place for Caribbean commerce and defense from other colonial powers, but frequent attacks from runaway slaves and a rough landscape prevented large scale settlements from forming. Eventually, large sugar plantations were developed and cultivated in Portland. Once growing sugar became less profitable during the 1800ís, bananas became a staple crop in the region.

Because of its location, centered among the Caribbean and the Blue Mountain range, Port Antonio is full of exotic wildlife, world class beaches, ocean cliffs, and spectacular views of the mountains. Vacationers can enjoy the beauty of both the mountains and the Caribbean Sea in Port Antonio.

Like most of Jamaica, Port Antonio is full waterfalls, caves, and pristine water to swim and snorkel in. Nanny Falls, the Blue Lagoon, and the Nonsuch Caves can all be found on Port Antonio.


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