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Puerto Rico Attractions and Activities

Bioluminescent Bay
On the island of Vieques, location in Puerto Rico, there is a small bay surrounded by mangroves known as “Mosquito Bay”. This bay has a very unique microscopic organism that emits a phosphorescent light when the calm salt water is disturbed. If you're going to Puerto Rico, this is a site you can't miss.” more...

EL Yunque
The EL Yunque, sometimes referred to as the National Forest of the Caribbean, is a 28,000-acre rainforest located on the island of Puerto Rico. You can explore the forest with the aide of a tour guide, but many tourists opt to explore this magnificent exotic paradise on their own. more...

El Morro
This large fort sitting on San Juan Bay was built in 1540. It has withstood numerous attacks throughout the centuries. Today, people can walk through the prison chambers, barracks, and other rooms located within its interior. In the early 90’s, major restoration work was completed on the fort.

San Juan Cathedral
This historic church was constructed during the late 1500’s. It is located in Old San Juan. The San Juan Cathedral’s architecture reflects neoclassical and gothic structures. The remains of Ponce de León are entombed in this church.

San Juan Bay
More ships enter and depart the San Juan Bay than any other Caribbean port. Many of these ships are cruise liners. Since there are many tourists that visit San Juan Bay, there are numerous stores, selling such items as handcrafts and fine jewelry, restaurants, and bars located on it. Aside from the great commercial centers of San Juan Bay, tourists can enjoy picturesque views of the sea on the pier.

There are more historic sites and buildings located on Ponce than Old San Juan. The architecture of many of these buildings was influenced by Creole styles. Tourists visiting Ponce during February can take part in Carnival festivities. There are also many cafes and restaurants serving delicious local dishes in Ponce.

Culebra Island
This picturesque island lies only a few miles off the shore of Puerto Rico. It is relatively undeveloped, making it a great destination for ecotourism. The water off the island’s shore is very clear, so it is a great spot for snorkeling. A few of the pristine beaches that can be found on the island include Flamenco Beach, Luna Pena Beach, and Culebra Beach. Those wanting to avoid large crowds can visit the secluded Playa Resaca Beach.


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