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Roatan Beaches

A few of the Caribbeanís premier beaches can be found on Roatan. The following descriptions provide details about these beaches.

Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort provides guests access to a pristine beach shielded from the rough waters by a reef and peninsula covered with mangroves. This beach, with shower and public bathrooms, is available to everyone. The Turquoise Bay Resort contains a dive and water recreation facility.

A white sand beach extending about a mile is located on Palmetto Bay. Snorkelers will have to swim a short distance or charter a boat to reach the offshore reef. A swimming pool is located at a restaurant on this beach. A Subway dive center and water recreation center can also be found on the beach.

West Bay Beach, also known as Tabiana Beach, was at one time considered the Caribbeanís premier beach. It is now a popular location for crowds from cruise ships and real-estate brokers. However, it is still a great beach to visit. Beachgoers wanting to avoid the crowds should avoid the beach on days when cruise ships stop for daytrips. West Bay Beach is a great spot for snorkeling, but snorkelers must be careful to avoid water taxis.

Half Moon Bay is situated on the opening at West End. It is a great spot to snorkel and swim, but it can be dangerous enjoying these activities in the channel because of the boat traffic. The road along the beach is frequently congested with parked taxis.

A beautiful beach sits inside the artificial lagoon on the Fantasy Island Beach Resort. Guests will be complimentary transported by boat to the beach. Those traveling by car from the resort can reach the beach in nearly 10 minutes.

There is also a pavilion on the beach where guests can enjoy snorkeling. Itís not the best snorkeling, but it is still fun.

Parrot Tree Plantation contains an artificial lagoon that is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Snorkelers usually have to swim in rough waters to reach the coral reef. An excellent restaurant is located on the beach.

The East Half Moon Bay, located in the south of Parrot Tree Plantation, can only be reached by boat. After a short 15 minute ride, tourists can enjoy excellent snorkeling.

Paya Bay Resort and the surrounding beaches are situated on the islandís eastern section. These isolated beaches are not as clean as others, but they are still great spots for swimming and beach hikes. These beaches are not great for snorkeling since the water is rough, and it requires a long swim to reach the offshore reef. Good food and impressive views can be enjoyed at a restaurant at the bay.

A beautiful beach is located on Pigeon Cay, but it can only be reached after a two hour boat trip. Just a few miles from Barbaretta lie two unpopulated islands. A spectacular beach is located on one of these islands.


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