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Roatan Honduras

Roatan is a small island, 37 by 5 miles, off the Honduran coast. It is the biggest of all the Honduras Bay Islands.

Roatan is divided into two municipalities: Roatan and Jose Santos Guardiola. Most the population lives on Coxen Hole. Other cities on the island include Oak Ridge and French Harbor.

The eastern portion of roatan is divided by a channel cutting through patches of tropical trees. This area is often referred to as Helene. Moreover, there is a collection of satellite islands also found in this part of the island. Barefoot Clay, an upscale community with famous and rich residents, can also be found on the eastern portion of the island.

The Honduras Bay Islands is a Caribbean paradise, with great beaches, beautiful rainforests, coral reefs, and friendly native residents. This section of the Caribbean could be considered the undiscovered gem of the region.

Although most Caribbean islands offer tourists great scuba diving, Roatan may offer the best diving sites in the world. Only one larger coral reef exists in the world. Another benefit of diving in Roatan is the close proximity of the diving sites to the hotels.

Many other Caribbean islands cater more to tourists than does Roatan, but many opportunities exist to learn more about the culture of the region and recreate.

Another great feature of a Roatan vacation is the affordability, but for those who want first class luxury, there are a variety of amenities to accommodate these travelers as well.

Roatan is a great place to relieve stress and enjoy fine dining, elegant bars, and the beauty of the Caribbean, at such places as Tropical Butterfly Park or the Mangrove Tunnel.

Those vacationing on cruise liners can spend a day on Roatan and take advantage of great shopping and enjoying the natural beauty of the island. Many visitors just decide to hangout on the beach or snorkel.


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