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Saba Attractions and Activities

Saba National Marine Park
This is a great place to learn more about the underwater sea life of Saba. To protect the park, there are regulations regarding fishing, boating, and scuba diving within the park. For example, those interested in scuba diving within the park must be accompanied by a guide. There is much to see during a diving excursion, including the beautiful underwater mountains covered with coral reef and sponges and diverse sea life. It is not uncommon to see sharks, octopuses, stingrays, parrotfish, and spiny lobsters during a dive.

Ladder Bay
Ladder Bay is located on the leeward coast. It received its name from the natural stone stairs leading to the top of the cliff. At one time, these stairs were the only way to bring supplies to the island. Ladder Bay is also a great spot for scuba diving. It is not uncommon to observe sea turtles, seahorses, nurse sharks, and species of tropical fish while diving near Ladder Bay. It is also a great spot for night diving.

Shark Shoals
Shark Shoals is a popular scuba diving spot located a mile off Well’s Bay. Underneath the water at this location is a pinnacle extending about 300 feet from the surface covered with sponges, other fauna, and flora. Tropical fish and an occasional shark can be spotted at the Shark Shoals. Since this dive is located a short distance off the shore, and it is fairly difficult, people interested in this dive should be accompanied by experienced divers.

Mount Scenery
Although Saba is known for its excellent scuba diving, people visiting this island can also experience an unforgettable hike on Mount Scenery. This mountain is nearly 2,800 feet tall. It is the tallest peak in the Netherlands and any of its oversea territories. During the hike, there are plenty of animals and tropical plants for hikers to observe. Close to the top of the mountain is the picturesque Elfin Forest.


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