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Saba Island

Saba has a total landmass of 5 square miles and a population of just over a 1000 people. Every other island in the Greater Antilles is larger than Saba. A volcano that could still erupt is located on the island.

Although the island was settled by Dutch colonizers, most residents speak English. Saba has its own currency, the Netherlands Antillean Guilder, but dollars can be used to purchase products and services anywhere on Saba.

A medical school is located on Saba. It is a part of Saba University. Anytime during the school year more than 300 students can be studying medicine at the university.

Since Saba is small and it is not a tourist haven like Jamaica or other popular Caribbean islands, it is a great place for a quiet vacation. There will still be opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, only more privately.

Picturesque villages dot the Saban landscape. The people are eager to share the beauty of their island with visitors. There are opportunities for scuba diving, other water recreation, and hiking. Additionally, visitors can spend a day at the Saba Marine Park to learn more about native sharks, turtles, and colorful tropical fish. The Saban government takes extensive steps to protect the islandís environment by preventing overdevelopment of the island.


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