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Caribbean Shopping

Vacationers visiting the Caribbean should bring extra cash with them since there are many great stores selling luxury products tax free on most islands. Shoppers can find stores selling designer clothes, luxury watches, fine spirits, and locally crafted goods. Details about stores and products available for purchase on select Caribbean islands are listed below:

Anguilla Shopping
Anguilla is a great destination to shop for handcrafted goods created by the islandís residents. Pottery, woodcrafts, clothing, tablecloths, and other locally crafted goods are sold on Anguilla. Fine European apparel can also be purchased on the island.

Antigua Shopping
Antigua is another great island to find locally crafted and built products. Shoppers can buy tax free local produce, art, and clothing, as well as luxury European goods in the St. Johnís area.

Aruba Shopping
Aruba contains a variety of shops selling fine jewelry, china, clothing, watches, liquor, cigars, and other imported luxury goods all free of sales tax.

Bahamas Shopping
Tourists travelling to the Bahamas can find luxury European goods as well as locally crafted products. Those seeking simple local goods can visit the Straw Market to buy hats, purses, and other products made of straw. As with most Caribbean islands, no sales tax is charged in the Bahamas.

Barbados Shopping
Many shops throughout Barbados sell luxury British and other European goods, including watches, liquor, perfume, clothing, and crystal. Antique shoppers will also find stores selling antiques, and there are also plenty of shops selling local fabrics, dolls, art, and other goods. Tourists can also purchase Barbadosí world famous Mount Gay Rum on the island.

Bermuda Shopping
Many shops selling luxury watches, china, clothing, perfume, and other goods can be found in St. George, Hamilton, and other locations throughout Bermuda. Vacationers can also purchase Bermudaís world famous Goslingís Rum during their stay on the island. A variety of shops also sell local products and art. As with most Caribbean islands, there is no sales tax on Bermuda.

British Virgin Islands Shopping
The British Virgin Islands is full of shops selling luxury British products such as clothing, crystal, and jewelry. High quality locally crafted products made of straw are also sold on the islands.

Cayman Islands Shopping
Fine European and locally crafted goods can be found throughout shops on the Cayman Islands. Tourists can purchase European watches, fine china, and designer clothes. They can also find straw baskets, locally designed and crafted jewelry, and fine stone taken from the Cayman Brac. There is no sales tax affixed to goods sold in the Cayman Islands.

Curacao Shopping
Since Curacao is politically affiliated with the Netherlands, tourists on the island will be able to find clogs, Delftware, and other fine Dutch goods, and because the island is not far from the Venezuelan coast, Venezuelan merchants travel to Curacao to sell produce, fish, and handcrafted goods. Various shops and vendors throughout the island also sell local products.

Dominican Republic Shopping
The Dominican Republic is known for agricultural products, locally crafted jewelry, hand rolled local cigars, and other handicrafts. Tourists will find locally grown coffee beans and tropical fruit, handmade dolls, leather products, crafts made from mahogany, and jewelry constructed from amber. To find authentic products constructed from amber, shoppers are encouraged to buy from legitimate jewelry shops.

Grenada Shopping
Grenada is known for its local handicrafts and spices. Many people visiting Grenada come home with a locally crafted basked full of exotic spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon. These baskets can be purchased at the Grand Anse Beachís market or at St. George at the Market Square. Tourists can also buy crafts made from wood, straw hats, and dolls during their stay on Grenada.

Jamaica Shopping
Jamaica is well known for its local High Mountain coffee, Pickapeppa Hot Sauce, and locally crafted products. Straw baskets, handcrafted sandals, and dolls are products many tourists purchase during their vacation on Jamaica.

Puerto Rico Shopping
Puerto Rico is known for locally distilled rum, hand rolled cigars, and handmade guitars. Other popular locally produced items are cuatros, handcrafted religious figurines. Many tourists flock to shops selling local jewelry and products constructed from mahogany.

St. Barts Shopping
St. Barts caters to shoppers seeking luxury goods imported from Europe, and like most Caribbean islands, there is no sales taxes affixed to these products. Many shops throughout St. Barts sell fine wine, including the La Cave located in Marigot. A variety of shops selling locally crafted merchandise can also be found on the island.

St. Croix Shopping
St. Croix is known for locally crafted clothing, jewelry, and art. Most shops and vendors can be found in Frederiksted and Christiansted, and there is no sales tax affixed to merchandise.

St. Kitts Shopping
Batik fabric is one of the many popular items sold on St. Kitts. Tourists can find certain shops that do not affix income taxes to fine perfumes, spirits, jewelry, and clothing.

St. Lucia Shopping
Locally produced wood, straw, and batik products are popular items sold on St. Lucia. Locally grown coffee beans and other produce are also frequently purchased by tourists. There is no sales tax affixed to goods sold on the island.

St. Martin Shopping
Shoppers seeking tax free European clothing, china, Swiss watches, fine wine, or porcelain can find it all on St. Martin. Many local artisans sell embroidered fabrics, bags and hats made from straw, and furniture on the island as well.

St. Thomas Shopping
Since many cruise lines dock on St. Thomas for day trips, there are many shops throughout the island selling tax free clothing, jewelry, perfume, leather goods, spirits, and other luxury goods. Tourists will also find vendors selling handmade dolls, straw baskets, and handmade jewelry.

St. Vincent Shopping
Handcrafted grass mats are among the many local products popular among tourists on St. Vincent.

Trinidad Shopping
Many stores selling Indian silks and apparel can be found in Trinidad. Many tourists rave about the Angostura Bitters sold at various locations throughout Trinidad. Handcrafted products from locals are also sold throughout the country.

Turks Shopping
Baskets made of straw, wood and steel products, and locally designed dolls are popular items sold in the Turks.


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