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Snuba Diving Gains Popularity in Caribbean

Getting accustomed to scuba diving can take some time, but after acquiring some experience, it can be a lot of fun. However, for those wanting to experience diving without becoming certified, snuba is an option. snuba, a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving, is a relatively new way to explore the ocean depths without the dangers associated with scuba diving. From a boat, divers are attached to a breathing tube located on a boat while descending between 15-20 feet underwater.

Before actually getting into the water, inexperienced divers usually spend time in shallow depths getting acclimated to breathing with an oxygen tank. While underwater, divers practice normal breathing since tanks have a limited amount of oxygen. Another commonly practiced technique prior to a snuba dive is learning how to pace breaths, so divers can balance pressure while descending.

Although this is a good activity for people wanting the diving experience without the dangers and training, more experienced divers might not enjoy the limitations. For example, divers are attached to a cord, so they are limited to how deep they can dive. Additionally, they must swim at the same pace as their fellow divers attached to the same boat. Likewise, if a strong wind or rough seas jar the boat, divers might feel a pull on their lines.

Snuba is a relatively new phenomenon, so there are few locations in the United States where it is popular. Divers can find areas in Hawaii, Florida, and California to snuba. However, there are various snuba locations throughout the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, Cancun, and the Turks and Caicos. If divers enjoy their snuba experience, they can receive the necessary training to become scuba certified.


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