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South Coast Jamaica

Jamaica’s South Coast is beginning to become a major tourist attraction. Originally, tribes native to the island made their home here until they were wiped out. Later, Spanish colonizers arrived to look for large deposits of gold. Now, the South Coast is a tourist haven with many beaches and adventures to enjoy.

While on the South Coast, tourists can charter a boat down the Black River to observe Jamaican crocodiles in their natural habitat, and then head over to the awesome Y.S. Falls. If that does not seem appealing, they can spend the day at Treasure Beach.

Many people travel to the South Coast to enjoy Jamaican culture and simple living rather than spend their vacation in a 5 star hotel. There are many little stores that do not charge sales tax and plenty of venues to catch a local band.

However, the beaches in the South Coast rival those found in the trendy Montego Bay. Visitors can buy inexpensive, delicious food from a street vendor while socializing with the friendly and care free residents of the area.

Before the South Coast becomes the next Montego Bay and is flooded with visitors, it is now a good time to vacation on this undiscovered treasure.

Those desiring to travel to South Coast in a car should travel east out of Negril, paying attention to road signs leading to Savanna-la-Mar on Sheffield Road. Be careful on the road because it does not expand until Savanna. Once driving by the village of Blue Fields, keep traveling southeast until reaching the Black River.

To reach Mandeville from Black River, drive northeast up the A2. Those wanting to visit Treasure Beach should stay on the road until reaching Treasure Beach. However, be aware the highway will narrow closer to Treasure Beach.


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