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St. Barts Attractions and Activities

Fort Gustav
Fort Gustav was built during the 1700ís. The cannon emplacements, bakery, and sentry box are still standing. At this location, some of the best views of the harbor and surrounding islands are available. Two modern lighthouses stand near the fort.

Anse des Cayes Beach
This beach is one of the best locations in the Caribbean for surfing. For those who donít surf, scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing can also be enjoyed on Anse des Cayes.

Saint Barth Sailing
Sailing is a great way to enjoy the secluded coves and beautiful shoreline of St. Barts. This company sponsors sailing day trips on catamarans. During a day trip, stops will be made at some of the islandís beautiful coves where people can snorkel.

Yellow Submarine
Those who do not want to scuba dive or snorkel but still desiring to observe the sea life of the region can book a trip on the Yellow Submarine. This tour takes guests six feet underwater in a small submarine where beautiful coral reefs and tropical life can be seen. The remains of three ship wrecks along the shore can also be observed on the Yellow Submarine.

Inter Oceans Museum
The Inter Oceans Museum is a quaint and unique tourist attraction. Unlike most museums where historical artifacts are usually displayed, this museum has more than nine thousand sea shells on display. More than 1600 of these shells are native to the Caribbean.


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