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St. Barts

A favorite destination among the rich, famous, and powerful, St. Barts is an island in the French West Indies. Christopher Columbus, the first known Westerner to land on the island, named the island in honor of his brother, Bartheleme.

A popular traveling publication has declared that St. Barts is one of the most beautiful island paradises in the world. It is a very cosmopolitan destination, cultivating many elements of sophisticated European culture. St. Bartsí economy is primarily tourism based since there are no large farms or agricultural regions on the island. Since there are no plantations on the island, it never became a slave colony.

While visiting St. Barts, tourists can participate in water recreation, such as windsurfing and sailing, or explore the sea depths scuba diving. There are also great areas to fish on the island. However, many travel to St. Barts to relax on this tropical paradise. People often reserve lodging in elevated regions to enjoy great views.

Although the native language of most residents on St. Barts is French, the majority of them speak English, making it easy to get around the island. Many fine restaurants and stores selling luxury European products without sales tax are located on Gustavia. Great European cuisine is served on St. Barts, but there are also great seafood restaurants where tourists can eat.

The Festival de Musique is held annually on St. Barts January through February. Every April, a film festival showing films from Caribbean filmmakers is also held. Those who just want to come to St. Barts to enjoy the beaches have more than 12 publically owned beaches to select from, and it does not cost a cent to visit them.

As mentioned, tourists visiting St. Barts can do more than just eat fine European food or relax on a secluded beach. It is a great place to sail, windsurf, go on a bike ride, or participate in a variety of other activities.

Amid all the alluring features of St. Barts, the villa resorts are perhaps the most appealing to tourists. There are more villas that can be rented than available hotel rooms on the island.

The definition of villa can be very broad, ranging from a Hampton style retreat to a small cabin. More expensive villa rentals often include personal chefs. Those spending the day in a villa on the beach with multiple bedrooms and a private chef should expect to pay between $250-5,000 daily. Prices per week can range between $1,400-40,000. These figures are all U.S. dollar estimates. However, other factors may affect prices, such as location and requested services.


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