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St. Kitts & Nevis

St Kitts and St Nevis are islands situated within the Leeward Islands. These islands together are part of a single nation. Of all the independent nations located within North and South America, St Kitts and Nevis is the smallest.

The nationís capital is Basseterre, located on St Kitts. The islands are separated by a 2 mile channel.

The islandsí atmosphere and natural environment are very reminiscent of a South Pacific island. In the middle of St Kitts is an inactive volcano called Mount Liamuiga. Nevis boasts a landscape covered in tropical forest full of exotic wildlife and flowers. Those loving beautiful ecosystems will not be disappointed visiting these islands.

There is more than the beauty of the islands that attracted and continues to attract people to them today. Early British settlers flocked to the islands to grow sugar cane and other crops. People now flock here for the great beaches, hiking, horseback riding, carriage rides through a historic plantation, golf, mountain biking, and various other activities.

The historic colonial ports of Charlestown and Basseterre are among two of the most beautiful Caribbean cities. To make sure the island does not become overdeveloped and the natural environment is preserved, local ordinances prevent builders from constructing buildings higher than the trees in the area. Besides all the recreational options on the islands, visitors can tour a plantation and stay at a restored plantation mansion. Because these islands are not inundated with tourists, there is plenty of room to enjoy the islands.


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