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St. Lucia Attractions and Activities

Drive-In Volcano
Ever seen a an active volcano? Get ready to be captivated! Even though St. Lucia is know for its amazing beaches and colorful reefs it is that the island is one of the only active volcano islands in the Caribbean Ė let alone the world.  more...

Diamond Mineral Falls and Mineral Baths
In addition to the Drive-In Volcano, beautiful beaches and some of the best reefs in the world, St. Lucia is home to another one of the Caribbean most famous attractions, the Diamond Mineral Falls and Mineral Baths located in St. Luciaís Diamond Botanical Gardens. more...

Pitons Management Area
This vast nature preserve is adjacent to Soufriere. Within the preserve are the volcanic mountains: Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Because of the islandís volcanic origins, numerous hot springs and sulphurous fumeroles can be found in the park. Within the shoreline section of the park, beautiful coral reefs and numerous species of fish can be observed while scuba diving. It is also not uncommon to see sea turtles and whale sharks swimming around. The park is also full of tropical forests where many species of plants, birds, and other animals can be observed.

Horseback Riding in St. Lucia
Horseback tours are available on St. Lucia. Tourists can enjoy a ride on a beautiful beach or the lush trails through the islandís forests. Trim's Riding Stables sponsors romantic carriage trips to Fort Rodney. Horseback tours are also available on the islandís more secluded beaches.

Hiking in St. Lucia
Numerous hiking trails cutting through St. Lucia's magnificent rain forests are located on the island. There are hiking trails located on the islandís mountains, historical plantations, and beaches. Hikers can also find nature trails on Pigeon Island. Waterfalls and lavish plants line these trails. It is not uncommon to come across a native parrot or oriole during a nature hike.

Turtle and Whale Watching
St Lucia is a popular location for sea turtle and whale watching. There are more than 20 different species of whales that swim near the islandís coastline. A few of these species include sperm, pilot, and humpback whales. It is also not uncommon to see dolphins either. Because of turtle poaching laws on St. Lucia, sea turtle populations thrive on the island.


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