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St. Maarten/Martin Resorts, Hotels and Villas

The following are some of the most popular and reputable resorts, hotels and villas in St. Maarten.

Antoine Restaurant
If you're looking for great food, a wonderful atmosphere or just somewhere to relax and unwind we highly recommend Antoine Restaurant. Not only will they treat you right but you'll experience some of the best food in the Caribbean.
119 Front Street
Philipsburg, St Maarten
Netherlands Antilles
tel: 599-542-2964

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort
This resort is considered one of the most family friendly and affordable places to stay at while in the Caribbean. This resort is situated on a peninsula that is privately owned.
Philipsburg PO Box 961 Four Miles From Airport
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-2333
Fax: 599-542-5150

Holland House Beach Hotel
This hotel is situated in Philipsburg, right on the beach. Guests can enjoy terraces where they will be privy to excellent views, a bar, and an outdoor restaurant. Hotel guests can walk to nearby stores, casinos, and restaurants.
Philipsburg P.O. Box 393 Frontstreet
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-2572
Fax: 599-542-4673

La Vista Beach Resort
This beachfront resort provides guests with a pool, meals, live entertainment, and other amenities at affordable prices. It is a family owned and run resort only a short distance from airport and Marigot.
Billy Folly Rd. 51 Pelican Key Estate St. Maarten
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-544-3005
Fax: 599-544-3010

Beachside Villas
These beachfront villas are located on pristine white sand beach. A pool is located on the premises for those who do not want to swim in the Caribbean Sea. It is within walking distance of Sunset Beach, stores, restaurants, and casinos.
Yolanda Mascarin 40 Webber Pl. Grosse Pointe Shores MI 48236
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: US 313-884-7706
Fax: US 313-884-1011

Belair Beach Hotel
The Belair Beach Hotel is a beachfront resort. Every room at the resort is a suite. It is within miles of the airport and Philipsburg. Guests can find a pool, grocery store, tennis court, and a car rental service on the premises. Guests will enjoy a great view of the ocean regardless of their suite.
Philipsburg PO Box 940 Little Bay
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-3366
Fax: 599-542-5295

Carl's Unique Inn
This hotel is situated in Cole Bay. Each room is decorated with tropical colors and themes. A grocery store, deli, and car rental service is located on the premises.
Orange Grove ColeBay St PO Box 175 Cole Bay
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-544-2812
Fax: 599-544-5376

Club Sunterra Royal Palm Beach
This deluxe resort located on Simpson Bayís Kimsha Beach contains more than 140 single or multi-room suites. It is only a couple of miles away from the airport. A pool and beachside bar and grill is located at this resort.
Airport Road Sint Maarten Simpson Bay
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-544-3737
Fax: 599-544-4588

Alamanda Resort
B.P. 5166 Grand Case, 97071 Baie Orientale
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-52-8740
Fax: 590-590-52-8741

Captain Oliver's Resort
This personable beachfront resort is situated on the border between St. Martin and St. Maarten. There is a shark aquarium, a dive store, a boat chartering service, and a beautiful swimming pool located at this resort.
97150 Oyster Pond Oyster Pond
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-874026
Fax: 590-590-874084

Diamond Resorts Flamingo Beach
This timeshare is set on Pelican Key. Each unit is equipped with a deck, king size beds, and kitchens. Guests can access the Internet at the front desk.
Billy Folly Rd #6 Simpsonbay Pelican Key
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-544-3900
Fax: 599-544-4892

Horizon View Beach Hotel
This small beachfront hotel is situated in Philipsburg. It is only a short walk from casinos, nightclubs, stores, and restaurants. Guests can order room service and sleep well knowing there is around the clock security at the hotel.
Front Street 49 Philipsburg PO Box 1054 St. Maarten
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-543-2121
Fax: 599-542-0705

Joshua Rose Guesthouse
This property is set in the center of Philipsburg. Guests seeking great hospitality and West Indian culture should consider staying here. These apartments are equipped with modern amenities and only a short walk from the beach.
PO Box 1033 Philipsburg
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-4317
Fax: 599-543-0080

L'esperance Hotel
There are 22 suites available for guests of this hotel. Each suite comes with a telephone, private terrace, kitchenette, air conditioning, and cable television. It is not far from Philipsburg and the beach.
#4 Tiger Road Cay Hill St. Maarten
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-5355
Fax: 599-542-4088

Princess Heights
The Princess Heights is a luxurious boutique resort sitting on a hill in Dawn Beach. This resort is glamorous, tranquil, and encircled by beautiful landscaping. This resort caters to trendy vacationers seeking state of the art luxury.
156 Oyster Pond Road Dawn Beach
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-543-6906
Fax: 599-543-6007

Sea Palace
The multi-story Sea Palace sits on the Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg. Guests can charter day excursions to Anguilla, St. Barths, and other surrounding islands.
147 Front Street Philipsburg
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-2700/22411
Fax: 599-542-2116

Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort & Casino
The Sonesta Great Bay is located on one of St. Marartenís best beaches. Guests will only be a short drive from the airport and a short walk from Philipsburg. Numerous sales tax free stores can be found in Philipsburg.
PO Box 910 Philipsburg
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-2446/7
Fax: 599-542-3859

Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino
There are 537 guest rooms available at the Sonesta Maho. It is situated in a trendy area with numerous stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues and near the airport. A large casino is located on the premises.
PO Box 834 One Mile Princess Juliana Int
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-545-2115/6
Fax: 599-545-3714

Summit Resort Hotel
This secluded hideaway overlooks the picturesque Simpson Bay Lagoon. Guests will be treated to large cottages next to garden walkways at the Summit Resort Hotel. Resort amenities include a pool and sponsored water recreation.
Cupecoy. In US: 1601 Bronxdale Ave. PO Box 4046 St. Maarten NY 10462
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-545-2150/US Office 718-671-1160/1166
Fax: 599-545-2615

Turquoise Shell Inn
There are 10 quaint single bedroom suites available for guests at the Turquoise Shell Inn. Each suite comes with wireless internet, air conditioning, cable television, and kitchens.
34 Simpson Bay Road St. Maarten Netherlands Antilles
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-545-2875
Fax: 599-545-2846

The Cliff At Cupecoy Beach
This condo resort sits on a beach in Cupecoy. Sea-views are available in each unit. Resort amenities include in-room wireless internet, a pool, sauna, spa, around the clock security, and concierge service.
84 Rhine Road Cupecoy
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 866-978-5839
Fax: 599-545-2774

Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach Resort & Spa
Columbia Sussex 207 Grand View Drive Ft. Mitchell KY 41017
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 859-578-1114
Fax: 859-578-1161

Wyndham Sapphire Beach Club & Resort
This luxurious resort sits on the popular Cupecoy Beach. It is only a few miles from an international airport. Guests can relax in luxury at this trendy resort.
Lowlands 147 Cupecoy
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-545-2179
Fax: 599-545-2178

Cupecoy Beach Club
This condo community sits on a sandstone hill above Cupecoy Beach and the Caribbean Sea. Guests are only a few miles from Marigot, Phillipsburg, and an international airport. A pool and beachside bar are located at the Cupecoy Beach Club.
2010 County Line Rd Huntingdon Valley PA 19006
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 800-955-9008
Fax: 888-368-5090

This boutique style condo hotel sits on a sheltered beach, encircled by lavish tropical gardens. There is an array of guest accommodation options. Guests will be within walking distance from the beach. This is a great resort to enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach.
117 Simpson Bay Road Juliana St. Maarten
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-545-7000
Fax: 599-545-3403

Pelican Resort Club
This resort, managed by Royal resorts, sits on a beautiful beach. Resort amenities include a souvenir shop, sponsored water recreation, multiple restaurants and pools, a casino, and a spa.
Billy Folly Road #37 PO Box 431 Philipsburg
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-544-2503
Fax: 52-998-881-0152

Sea Breeze Hotel
Welgelgn 8 Cayhill
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-542-6054/5/6
Fax: 599-542-6057

The Horny Toad Guesthouse
This guesthouse is situated on the beach within view of Simpson Bay near the airport. This guesthouse formerly served as the governor's house. Guests can access wireless internet at the front desk.
#2 Vlaun Drive Simpson Bay St. Maarten
St Maarten N.A.
Tel: 599-545-4323
Fax: 599-545-3316

Esmeralda Resort
The Esmeralda Resort is an extravagant villa-only resort where guests have the option of single or multiple room suites. Each unit is equipped with a private pool. Guests can relax on a large white sand beach during their stay at the resort, and it is only a short distance from Marigot and Gran Case.
Baie Orientale 97071 PO Box 5141 Baie Orientale
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-3636
Fax: 590-590-87-3518

Grand Case Beach Club
This recently remodeled condominium style hotel is only a few miles from two airports and only a short walk from the restaurants located at Grand Case. Guests can enjoy a pool, boutique, bar, and restaurant on the property during their stay at the Grand Case Beach Club.
21 Rue du Petite Plage 97150 Grand Case
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-5187
Fax: 590-490-29-5006

Green Cay Villas
The Green Cay Villas are an exclusive property located on St. Martinís premier beach on Orient Bay. The villas are encircled by lavish tropical gardens. Guests will enjoy modern luxury and world class service during their stay here.
Parc de la Baie Oriental Saint Martin 97150 Orient Bay
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-3863
Fax: 590-590-87-3927

Hotel Beach Plaza
This 4-star rated beachfront hotel is only a short walk from Marigot. A pool, fax machine, car rental service, a poolside bar and piano bar, and a restaurant are located on the premises.
Baie De Marigot97150 St. Martin
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-8700
Fax: 590-590-87-1887

Hotel La Plantation
This glamorous villa style hotel is situated near Orient Bay, not far from the beach. There are 17 villas available for guests at this hotel.
C5 Parc de La Baie Orientale St. Martin 97150 Baie Orientale
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-295800
Fax: 590-590-295808

Hotel Marquis Resort & Spa
The Hotel Marquis is a 4 Star rated boutique style hotel. Guests will enjoy quiet, seclusion, and a variety of activities during their stay here. A spa, multiple tennis courts, a fitness center, and a pool are located on the premises.
Pigeon Pea Hill 97150 Anse Marcel
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-29-4230
Fax: 590-590-87-4633

La Samanna
This is a world class beachfront resort. It is only a short drive from the airport. Located on the resort is a European spa, French restaurant, fitness center, pool, and multiple tennis courts.
New York Sales & Reservations: 21 West 52nd Street New York NY 10019
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 212-575-7030 or 800-854-2252
Fax: 212-575-7039

Le Domaine Paradise On Earth
97150 Anse Marcel St. Martin
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-52-3535
Fax: 590-590-29-1081

Le Flamboyant Hotel & Resort
Le Flamboyant is an elegant, full-service waterfront resort. Located on the premises are two pools, a playground for kids, a scuba dive center, a souvenir shop, and car rental service. Guests will also be treated to a cocktail party sponsored by the management.
Route Des Terres Basses 97150 Baie Nettle
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-6000
Fax: 590-590-87-6057

Mercure Simson Beach
This 3-Star rated hotel sits near a beautiful lagoon and the ocean. Guests will also be near entertainment venues and stores. A pool, bar, and restaurant is located on the property.
Baie Nettle 97052 Marigot PO Box 172 Nettle Bay
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-5454
Fax: 590-590-87-9211

Orient Bay Hotel And Jardins De Chevrise
Hotel guests at the Orient Bay will be within walking distance to a beach. 31 twin villas are available for guests here. Guests staying at this hotel will be a short distance from Phillipsburg and Marigot. Two pools are located on the hotelís grounds.
97150 Mont Vernon 1
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-3110
Fax: 590-590-87-3766

Radisson St. Martin Resort, Marina & Spa
This resort sits on a beach and natural cove in northern St. Martin. A spa, pool, conference center, sponsored activities, and a large marina are available for hotel guests.
BP 581 97056 Anse Marcel
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-876-700
Fax: 590-590-873-038

4 rue du General de Gaulle Marigot
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-8651
Fax: 590-590-87-9649

Club Orient Resort
Club Orient is a nudist resort located on St. Martin. It sits on a beach near a barrier reef and three unpopulated islands. There are multiple bars and a restaurant on the premises.
1 Baie Oriental 97150 On Beach
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-873-385 / 800-690-0199 Fax: 590-590-873-376

French Caribbean International
This agency is the premier service for people interested in renting a private, French West Indiesí villa. Employees at this agency are friendly and knowledgeable.
5662 Calle Real Suite 333 Santa Barbara CA 93117-2317
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 800-322-2223/805-967-9850

Hotel L'Esplanade
This is a 4 Star rated upscale hotel. Guests will be treated to first class service and be able to relax in a quiet location of the island. This property is near a fishing village, a pristine beach, and an airstrip for tourists interested in chartering a tour of the surrounding islands.
523882 Miami FL 33152
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-06-55
Fax: 590-590-87-29-15

Hotel Privilege
The Hotel Privilege is situated in Anse Marcel near a marina. This hotel reflects Creole influence and offers guests the choice between duplex, junior, or deluxe suites.
Marina Anse Marcel 97150 Saint Martin
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-87-3737
Fax: 590-590-87-3375

Le Petit Hotel
This small hotel is located on Grand Case Bay. Guests will be within walking distance to fine dining. Guests will be treated to excellent service and wireless internet during their stay at the Le Petit Hotel. This property is affiliated with the L'Esplanade.
248 Boulevard de Grand Case 97150
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-29-0965
Fax: 590-590-87-0919

Sunsea Holidays
Sunsea Holidays offers studio or luxury villas, homes located in downtown Marigot, or homes on Orient Bay, Marcel Cove, Grand Case, and Nettle Bay for rent.
10 Rue General de Galle PB 476, 97150 Saint Martin
St Martin F.W.I.
Tel: 590-590-878-888
Fax: 590-590-877-525


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