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St. Maarten

St Maarten or St. Martin is a Caribbean island where portions of the same island are politically linked to two separate countries. One portion of the island is part of the Netherlands Antilles (St Maarten), while the second portion is linked to France (St Martin). The majority of the island comprises the French part, which is not much since it contains a total landmass of 37 square miles. Whatever side one chooses to spend the majority of a vacation on will find great beaches, shopping, food, and nightclubs.

Even though the island is small, there is plenty to see since it has such a diverse natural environment. From white sand beaches, to hilly, mountainous regions, and bucolic villages, there will be plenty to see on a vacation to the island.

Tourists will also have an opportunity to see the biggest lagoon in the entire Caribbean, known as the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Many luxury yachts and sailboats can be seen docked or floating around the lagoon. In fact, tourists might catch a glimpse of some of the largest and most expensive yachts in the world since the island is known for yachting.

People from all over the world make their home on St. Martin. Walking down the street, it would not be uncommon to meet a person from every continent. This could be attributed to one of the most productive economies in the Antillean section of the Caribbean.


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